IC vs Discrete

There has been mixed opinions on this matter, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each design?

A growing number of companies are supporting the idea that Discrete is better than IC. (Dexa, sparkos labs, [http://www.bursonaudio.com/creations/discrete-opamp/]Burson[/url])

I bought into the Burson explanation and found their integrated to sound wonderful. They make a very convincing argument for going the discrete route.

My newer Marantz PM15S2b, which uses their own discrete op amps sounds just as good, if not better in some areas. It all boils down to taste and system matching. Convenience steered me towards the Marantz (remote, etc.) but though they sound different, both make a compelling case for discrete.

I've read where there are now op amps made expressly for audio which makes me wonder just what were they using before; some off the shelf variety that simply plugged into the board as long as the rated value was close enough?

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