IC upgrade suggestions - 300 budget

My system: Linn Ikemi CDP, Plinius 8150 int. amp, B&W 803 Matrix. Currently using Harmonic Tech Truthlinks and HT Pro 9 bi-wires. Considering HT Pro Silway IIs. Looking for more detail and resolution without brightness. Budget: $300 (used OK) Suggestions, please.
If you can find it used (to fit your budget) Bear Lab Silver Lightning or Granite Audio #470 Interconnect. Excellent detail with really good bass/mids/highs, sounds natural.
It looks to me the interconnects you are using match well with your electronics. I don't think you need to change them. Replacing Truthlinks with Pro Silway is not going to give you much improvment. For $300, I will suggest you buy more music and enjoy.

I tried both HT's you mention & thought the Pro Silways were too bright. I liked the Truthlinks but they didn't have the detail like the Silways. I went on to the Stealth CWS & PGS which I really like and can recommend for excellent detail w/o the brightness but I switched over to Virtual Dynamics & can't say enough about how awesome these cables are. I'm extremely sensitive in regards to brightness/sibilance & have found precious few cable that I enjoy. These are the only two manufacturers I have found that I like & took care of the brightness problem. In addition they are excellent to deal with & both offer a refund if you aren't happy with them.
I agree with Driver. I use the Stealth CWS interconnects also and very pleased with them. They come in two versions, shielded and un-shielded. I personally prefer the sound of the shielded but, as mentioned, they come with a moneyback guarantee and the owner IS excellent to deal with.
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I am overly sensitive to the same sonic qualities. I have been using Truthlinks for a while now. Silver just isn't my bag, too bright. Which Virtual Dynamics are you using?
Creeper, I'm using the Absolute IC's. Not only do they provide great detail but also tightened up the bass & gave a bigger soundstage. I was impressed with them out of the box which is unusual & now that they've settled in are just amazing.
I meant to say Audition.
Driver, The Virtual Dynamics I.C. sounds like just what I have been looking for,are they copper or silver and where can I buy them.? Thank you.
LAT International IC-200 Mark II. You will never regret it!


Go to www.audioreview.com and read some user comments.
Vintageaudio, their phone # is 1-877-347-4489 is and this is their website http://www.virtualdynamics.ca/

Not really sure of the physical makeup but call Rick or Brett & they'll be more than happy to explain their cables to you.
Try Coincident IC.Very detailed