IC upgrade advice - Lost

Looking for advice on upgrading my current Audioquest Sidewinder IC's. They will be used in between a Cary SLI-80 F1 and a Cambridge Audio 840C. Speakers are Merlin TSM-MMe.

I'm not looking to break the bank. Probably $200 max on the used market. These AQ IC's are the only pair that I have ever used so I have no idea what to expect with switching out IC's.

Looking for guidance. Cheers!
if you want to stick with AQ, then the cable for you right now would be the Columbia. I listened to them a short time awhile back, warm sounding cables. The standard DBS is a pair of 48, but if you could find a pair with 72DBS is even better, more open sound stage.
I had Sidewinders in my system. I upgraded to Diamondbacks, which was a significant and worth the money improvement over the Sidewinders. I now use King Cobra's. They are an improvement in clarity with tighter bass over the Diamondbacks but the Diamondbacks seem to throw a larger sound stage.

If you want to stay with Audioquest, I have a feeling you would appreciate the Diamondbacks. At least I could appreciate the improvement in my system.
You have to remember that what sounds good to other people in their system,might me completely unacceptable to you in your system.It seems you are interested in the Kimber Hero,grab a pair and try them.If they don't work for you,sell them and move on to something else.Just a thought.
Let us know what you decided on and give a comparison. Remember to first let the cables burn in for about 200hrs before making judgments especially with the Anti's.

Buying a used pair will cut down or eliminate the burn in period.
I have an 840c and use Mogami Gold balanced to a PSAudio integrated and Magnepans.......Pick 'em up at Guitar Center, of all places.
i am presently auditioning some Grover Huffman cables and so far they are performing. In reading other threads, it says to give them time to break in, so i will allow them more time before i say they are it, but so far so good! can't beat the cost either!