IC.to replace Pre-Out/Main-In jumper

I would like to know more about using IC. to replace the jumper of NADC370 Intg.amps.is it really going to improve the sound?in what way? secondly,the"better" IC.where should it be connected(cdplayer to amps ? or Pre-Out to Main-In?) I really need your help on this and thankyou Simon
If you never want to use "Preamp Out" or "Main In", you might consider hardwiring between them inside the chassis. If the rest of your system is up to it, or becomes so with time and changes, that should definitely improve the sound.

Where the better IC should go is controversial, but you needn't depend on theory: try it both (all) ways and trust your ears. I think MOST experts would want the best IC to go from preamp to power amp, but maybe it's evenly divided.
Tom's advice is good on all counts. If you are only replacing the jumpers and not running the signal through an external processor or hooking up to a separate external amp, I would seriously consider staying with the jumper, if it's that short "u" shaped piece of metal that I have in my old NAD receiver, as I would think the shorter the better for the connection, no matter how good the interconnect (Tom's advice makes it an even shorter path).
What I have heard is the issue with the jumpers is that they tend to be stainless steel, which is not the best conductor.

Do you aspire to use interconnects and speaker cables made of stainless steel?

Shorter is probably better but not at the expense of a good conductor.

As usual, try it and see what you like.

- A
Simon, I have done the replacement NAD jumper, with very short (about 5" of my favorite IC and good quality plugs).
The difference is huge. Large gains in all the usual audiophile areas. The factory jumper should have sounded better though. More "unexplained high end voodoo". BTW, even 5 inches of great IC makes a substantial improvement on a fundamentally good sounding circuit like NAD......Frank
Tara Labs "The Missing Link" is a great replacement jumper for about $40 new.
Hi, thanks all of you,the responders.I found it very informative and educative .I am VERY GLAD that Audiogon reopened this forum .BRAVO Audiogon!