IC to mate with oppo 105: mostly 2 channel

recently bought an oppo 105 and one thing I notice for certain is the depth of the soundstage. I am looking for an excellent interconnect to match it. very open to some suggestions. I know that I should have a price range but I am taking a backward approach hoping i can read some reviews and pick one that I can afford. I may splurge and spend more than i can afford if I am somewhat convince. I do have an older SR kaleidoscope and i am considering another SR or cardas....Thanks
Search for reviews on JPS Labs interconnects. Even their entry level cables are very impressive.
I'll start the ball rolling with Morrow audio. They make a good quality product. I have the MA3 IC's, very revealing.
Dozens of choices here. Purist Audio Designs or Transparent Audio are my favorite 2 cables brands. Transparent Ultra MM2 or Reference with mm2 are hard to beat...Purist Proteous Provectus Praesto is also killer good...
I would buy a well-constructed IC that is of sufficient length to make the connection. A MonoPrice Premium cable will do the job nicely...

$2.89 + shipping:

You know, I got off the IC merry go round a few years, and I have really been happy with the results. I kept buying used interconnects and trying them out, and although I could hear some difference, the higher up I went on the price scale, the less difference, especially positive I could hear.

I have a Maggie based system, and they tend to be a bit dry sounding, so I have a tube preamp, and like to use all copper interconnects. I think these two elements add warmth to my system.

I wholeheartedly would recommend Kimber Hero inteconnects. I tried many of the higher end Kimber, Cardas, Audioquest, Nordost and Wireworld cables, and kept coming back to the Kimber Hero's. I tried some of the Anti-cables too (sounded bright to me), and Homegrown Audio Silver Lace (these didn't sound bright in my system, liked them alot actually), as alternatives to the mainstream companies, and still liked the Kimbers.

Good luck.
Look at putting a bid in for the Gabriel Gold Reflection IC's.
I'm using Cardas from my 95. 300B for the 7.1 out and Golden Cross from the XLR stereo. In my room and system (Thiel CS2.4, Mark Levinson ML334 and the current pre/pro being used, a Krell HTS7.1), the Cardas just tied it all together nicely.