IC suggestions between Linn Ikemi CDP and Plinius 8150

I currently use HT Truthlinks between a Linn Ikemi CDP and Plinius 8150 integrated, and HT Pro 9s to B&W Matrix 803s. Any recommendations for a better IC in the $300 - 400 price range (used is OK - .5 or 1m RCA). I like smooth but looking for improved transparency and detail.
Thanks, Joel
I used to have a similar setup, except that my CDP before was the Genki. I had success using the Linn Silver IC's and the HT prosilway MKII's , but now I would recommend Acoustic Zen Silver reference, maybe $100 above your price range (used) but I think it will be worth a stretch.Goodluck.
Tara Labs Air 2 sounds great with the Linn line of CD players.

I used to have an Ikemi and experimented with several cables. I felt that it sounded good with several different ones. The best was the Cardas Golden Cross, but it is really too expensive for what you get, and it is very stiff and difficult to use. The Kimber Select 1010 and Linn Silver were 99.9% as good. I liked the Wireworld Equinox II almost as much and found its' smooth and warm character very pleasing. All but the Golden Cross should be easily within your price range.