IC Splitting?

I need to split my pre out to go to 2 seperate amps. Does it matter if I split it coming out of the pre amp or going into the amp?
Hi Joe

I've always done it or seen the signal being split at the preamp side. The side coming out of the preamp. I can't envision how you would split it at the other end. Would you be using an adapter which would have a female rca end to 2 female rca ends at the end of each cable channel?

This is the adapter I've used when I had to split signals.

Audioquest M22-F HRD Y-Adapter

Good luck in the search.
In many circumstances I doubt that it matters, particularly if the cable lengths that are involved are not great, and also if the output impedance of the preamp is low. But if it does make any difference I would expect that whichever configuration results in the lowest total of the lengths of all of the cables would generally be best. That will result in the output circuit of the preamp seeing the least capacitance.

Jedinite, using that same kind of adapter (1 male connector and 2 female connectors) at the input of one of the amps, the male connector would plug into that amp; the cable from the preamp would plug into one of the female connectors; and a separate cable from the other amp would plug into the other female connector. Y-adapters having 2 male connectors and 1 female connector are also available, if the connectors of the two amps are close enough to each other to not require the additional cable.

-- Al
It might be cheaper to split on the amp side if you need long expensive cables.
Thats what I was thinking also. If I split on the Pre amp end I need two sets of Good IC'c. If I split on the amp end I only need one. I have settled on those splitting cables by Audioquest with the one female to two males and will split on the amp side.