IC/Speaker Recommendations for Sim Audio/Dynaudio

Hi guys,

I am looking for suggestions for changing out my IC's and speaker cables. I need to balance my 2 channel with my HT as it is an integrated system.

My system consists of a stock Denon DVD-2900, Sim Audio Nova LE cd player, Attraction 7.1 pre/pro and Titan amp. Speakers are Dynaudio with S3.4's for the fronts

Power cords are Elrod Statement on the amp and Cardas cords on the pre and cd. I have Cardas IC's and speaker cables with GR between source and pre, NR between pre and amp and GR speaker cables.

While I like the sound that I am experiencing with the warmth and texture that I am experiencing, I find myself yearning for more detail, less warmth. Maybe a bit more punchy and dynamic sounding. Tried changing out the GR on the source from GR to NR. While that gave me more detail, it leaned out the sound.

Looking for suggestions from people especially if you have Sim Audio or Dynaudio equipment.

Having Simaudio Nova with I-5, I'd suggest you to try Acoustic Zen (Matrix Ref II and Satori). IMHO, it works well with Sim, and have an appealing balance between speed, details, and some warmth. If I'd go from AZ towards silver, it would be already bright, an opposite direction towards real warmth, it would be too bloomy... Seems AZ found a nirvana point :)
I use Ridge Street Audio Poeima from my Sim Audio Eclipse to my Classe Pre amp and enjoy the results. That would be a good place to start , and with a fairly quick break in, in my experience, and a money back guarantee, it would be a no brainer to give them an audition. Best of Luck .
My suggestion would be to look into TG Audio cables. I was using Elrod power cords everywhere (Statement II on the amps, and EPS 2 Signature on the digital boxes and preamp. I switched from the Signatures to TG Audio SLVR and gained exactly the changes you're looking for - the sound is more neutral, more detailed and more nimble. In comparison the Elrods were a touch too warm and a bit thicker sounding in the low mids/upper bass. Replacing the Statements on the amps with Argent Audio Brujo HC had exactly the same effect.

TG's High Purity interconnects and speaker cable are among the very best, IMO. They give a very natural sound, with exceptional clarity and image structure.
You might first want to try integrate a pair of the Aural Thrills Palladium or gold interconnects seen up for auction here often. Palladium interconnects seem to give more finesse and detail to the system. The gold will add some but not as much as the palladium so it depends on you taste.
Email Tom at Aural Thrills he can help you out.
Check out Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval cables(IC and Speaker). They are fast, detailed, they have great body, and bass, and most of all, they don't cost an arm and a leg, even though they perform as good as many others which are mighty expensive.

I've been using solo cyrstal ovals from my Nova LE cd player to my Perreaux Radiance R200i integrate, and silver ovals to my speakers I like the results very much.
Glider, I agree with you the TGaudio are hard to beat,
they are very transparent but not bright at all, soundstage
is world class,huge........., I thought it was ambience
at first, but the dealer who loan me, told me that,the
cable were fleshing out whatever on the recording,I prefer
them over the Audience AU24, they are more exciting.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I did finally go with TG Audio speaker cables and they are great.

What are the differences between the TG Audio HSR and high purity IC's?
Bass plus detail ... might want to look at what Synergistic Research, Purist Audio or Kubala-Sosna has to offer.
Merlocpm, the only difference between the TG HSR and High Purity interconnects is the purity of the wire, the HSR being four nines and the High Purity being six nines silver. The High Purity is cleaner, sweeter, more extended with better focus compared to the HSR. Shielding is less important with the High Purity wire.

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders