IC's for Rogue Audio

Would like to know what IC's you Rogue users are using. I'm using Silver Audio Hyacinths. Sony SCD-777es>Rogue 99>Rogue 120's. Although these are very revealing IC's and not bright at all it seems like I'm lacking some mid base. Speakers are Proac Response 2.5's with Acoustic Zen Satori shotgun cables. Thanks for any info, John.
I use Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway MKII's from my 99 to my Pass Labs Aleph-3 with a very good results.
The new Acoustic Zen WOW's are fabulous and outperformed the more expensive pro silways in my system. Very extended and detailed with a more coherent high end than the HT, will mate perfectly with your speaker cables as well.
I am using Nordost Blue Heaven everywhere in my system (Rega 2000 CD, Rogue 99 and 120-Magnums, Magnepan 1.6QR) and there is a little too much bass and midbass, which I like, but unfortunetly the high end is a little thin. It is still a very sweet system. I need to run a dedicated line and upgrade outlets etc... before I will stop using the Blue Heaven, which have a wonderful sense of low level detail and definition. In other words I have not established where the sound deviations are coming from, some say the Maggies are bright.
Using Virtual Dynamics throughout my system. I have the Rogue Magnum Tempest Integrated with upgraded NOS Mullards. Big difference from my fully Cardas cabled system. Much more resolving, but takes a couple of weeks to break in as usual.