IC's for Bass amps,mid/tweet amps,general equip?

I run all mono amps in my system.I would like imput on IC cables strictly for My Amps powering Bass towers...My Amps powering Mid/Tweet towers...and general equipment IE: pre-amp to crossover,CD player,DAC...Looking for something reasonable not big bucks!!100.00 range and less...
I do have 2pair of Harmonic Tech (Percision Link)comming for a test.Figured I would try these on the amps??Am I on the right track??I would really like to tweak out the system with the right IC's.Thanx for the help.
Actually the interconnects wil not make near as much difference as the speaker cables. Check out the Audioquest Mammoth cables which are discontinued and cheap now at Audio Advisors. Even some here on audiogon. They are Awfull for full range but really Slam for bass.
Bfm is pretty accurate about some to many of the ic's out there.

However, I would recommend you audition any three of Audience's ic's for the bass. The Audience people do something to minimize/eliminate time-smear in their speaker and all 3 of their interconnect cable lines.

After installing the Audience Au24 speaker cables, the subwoofer became somewhat disjointed in the bass with my full range speakers.

Audience suggested I try their inexpensive Conductor series ic's since they include the same technologies, and sure enough, the bass in the subwoofer tightened up substantially and once again became continuous with the full range speakers.