IC's between Power Amp and Pre Amp

I am looking for suggestions about IC's to go between Musical Fidelity A3CR Power and Pre Amps. I am looking to upgrade to approximately $300 to $400 level. Any suggstions or warnings will be appreciated. Thanks
good standard choices, (been around, lots of folks say they are good)
Kimber KCAG
Nordost Blue Heaven
I think you should try SilentAudio Apollo C copper interconnects(for Solid State components). They are available on audiogon auctions and if you can get by with short 18-20" lengths, Paul will make them up for you at such a modest cost it is virtually a no risk proposition. If you like them you'll have some spare change--$375 to play with. If you want to spend $400+ I like Kworks custom made non shielded ICs and Igor also makes a very fine "empowered" model power cord. I have no connection with either company other than being a satisfied customer.
Jena, Purist and Cardas are all for sale here at Audiogon in that price range.

In fact, you could buy one or two brands at that price, try them and resell at (probably) no loss except for the ad fee of $5.00.
I have Musical Fidelity products and I have been VERY happy with Harmonic Technology Truth Link Silver and the Pro Silway II.
I currently have both and can tell no difference between the Truth Link Silver and the Pro Silway II. I got both on Audiogon for very reasonable rates. I live in a hi RF area (Seattle suburb)so the shielding is nice.
I own and love Nordost Red Dawn. Whatever you decide on I strongly suggest you buy used, that way if you're not happy with your first choice you can resell it at your purchase price and try again, over and over until you're happy. Good luck!
Purist Audio Museaus works very well in my system,
I have had good luck with Z-squared via auctions on the 'gon and have really enjoyed them and still do
VH Audio Spectrum (copper). $400/pair direct with a 60 money back guarantee. I can't imagine you will return them.
Incredibly transparent and open.
In my system (Modwright SWL 9.0SE, Modwright Sig. Truth Platinum Sony 999ES, CJ MV60SE, and Aural Acoustics Model B) I found them to be better than Oritek X-2s and Nordost Quattro Fils.
I'll post a review in a week or so.
Transparent Music Link Plus current MM version.
What speakers and speaker cable will you be using with them? Is there a certain type of music you listen to more than others? And, what aspects of sonic performance are the most, and least, important to you?
I really appreciate everyone's help, thanks!

Are you using the copper Spectrums for all connections? Did you use the X-2s in the same way - between all components? I was thinking of trying the X-2s but too many return charges. In what way did the Spectrums surpass the X-2?
Thanks for any info.

Paul, hi.
I am now using the Spectrums for all connections.
At first I had one pair each of Spectrums, Quattro Fils and X-2s. I tried each pair with each other pair in each position. (Sorry for the awkward phrasing: it's late).
I found the X-2s to be tonally "light" (less full bodied than the Spectrums - not that the latter are in any sense thick or slow: they are in fact neutral and quick). This was the only drawback I found to the Oriteks.
Both ICs are highly transparent and resolving of low level detail and ambient info.
Will try to post a review within a week.