IC's and Speaker cables

OK, I need IC's and speaker cables for my system. I have no idea where to start. This is the last of my quest. I have KEF 207/2's a Pass Labsx350.5 and Aesthetix Calypso pre, Music Hall 9.1 TT and Marantz SA004 CD. You would laugh at what I have for cabling now. Question is -How do I "tame" an overly accurate response. As my speakes are rated relatively "low"(25hz) I want some "weight" to my sound.Some "oomph". Budget is dependent, but up to $2000 for both IC's and speakers. Thanks
I have almost no experience with cables, but I think that spending $2,000 on any cable is bordering on crazy unless money is meaningless to you. You should be able to work with www.thecableco.com and try some different options and see what you like.

From the research that I've done, I'd start with a pair of Kimber Kable 8PR speaker wires. They should be the best value they have. The first three levels of cables all use the same designs and the material differences are likely unquantifiable. The total AWG is slightly higher on the next levels up, but it's also a small difference. Give these a try and then swap them out with some other options.

I think it's a crap shoot at best. I'd just make sure the the deposit that you put down isn't more than you would end up paying for a reasonably priced set.

I can't even give you an opinion on IC cables, I have never bothered to really form an opinion on what I'd buy.
given your gear, 2000 dollars is about right to make things really start workin for you. there are many companies that would love to talk to you right now. morrow or anti-cable is where i would start. if they don,t work , send em back. both of these guys want to help as many others will. good luck
Should have mentioned I would prefer bi-wired speaker cables(or even tri- wired), balanced xlr's from pre to amp and I still "need" 1 to 2 more pairs of IC's. Thanks. And used seems logical.
Question is -How do I "tame" an overly accurate response.
So you are looking for an inaccurate response? Not sure I understand this.
Before looking for cables to effect the desired change, have you ensured proper speaker placement? Is the room treated?
I'm not sayin don't upgrade your cables. But in my experience, cables make very subtle sonic differences if at all. If things aren't right to begin with then cable changes make even less difference. My experience, YMMV.
Speaker cables always appealed to me intuitively but in fact the biggest change occured with a change to a Cardas IC between my preamp and amps. Nothing however can compare to a component change.
For clarification, I worded that wrong. I want an accurate response but don't feel I'm getting a quality one with the existing cables. After some serious upgrades I still have my "old" cables. $40 IC's from Wireworld and $80 speaker cables from Transparent. I feel some of the missing warmth and accuracy is related to these units. I may be wrong, but am willing to upgrade them to find out. Thanks
I'm a fan of Gregg Straley's Reality cable line. You can outfit your system for less than 2K with money to spare and not feel that you missed out on anything. Very good stuff and friendly/knowledgeable owner.
Hickbone - Have you swapped with cables with something else just to see what changes? I'm thinking basis hardware store cables or something similar.

One of these days I'm going to purches a set of the Blue Jean Cable 10 awg speaker wires to compare to my DIY Cat5 based wires. The two designed are completely different so one would expect to hear some difference. I have my old monster cables sitting in front of the TV waiting for me to get motived to swap them back in for comparison.

Just because you think that something can be improved with your speaker wires, you can't assume that it means that more expensive cables are the answer. It's possible that something cheaper might sound better to your ears.
Years ago, even DIY stuff that started life as Home Despot extension cords had its day. Got good press but the Despot has since moved on and no longer has the EXACT cord.

Setup and detail before trying to use cables as a tone control.

Try random cable swaps to see what changes. You've started down a path which could drive you nutty.

I'll never give up my balanced Mogami. CA840 to integrated.
$2k may not be enough even in used prices but you can try.
Get interconnects first and work your way down; unless you see a really good deal on speaker cables and decide to work your way up. Good cables make huge difference if your hearing is good including power cords.
For you I would strongly recommend the Fusion Audio Romance interconnects. It is like adding a tube component to your chain but in a good way. Warmth, presence and body is its forte. But it doesnt slow down or muddy the music like some other warm sounding cables do. Talk to Eric Love, I am sure he will allow you a trial period. I think you will love it.

For speaker cables I would suggest Crimson Audio RM Musiclink from UK. Natural, smooth, open sound without a hint of compression.
I have used Harmonic Technology Magic with the Pass and Aestetix gear with superb results. The Harmonic Tech Pro Silway III is REALLY good too and less $$$. Harmonic Technology Pro 9 speaker cable used is a bargain and again REALLY good.
I am seriously looking ay Harmonic Tech. Is it the Magic or Magic II IC? I have read nothing but good things about the Magic II but don't know much about the Magic. I have also been looking seriously at the Pro+(Bi-wire.)I would drop coin on either if someone strongly recommended it in a similar system. Thanks for the reply
Magic 1 or 2 does not matter much. Just different connectors.IMO
ASI livelines (used). You'll have to jump the spkr cables.
These are such good cables.

Good luck.
Get MIT AVT 1 cabling and be prepared to melt!!
I see a pair of Harmonic Tech Magic 2's here for sale. XLR's. I think I'd like them for pre to amp. I want to click...Arrrrgh, I'm gonna do it. So, Bi-wire speaker cables and perhaps an IC from the Music Hall MMF and Clearaudio basic plus to pre or the Marantz SA8004 to pre? I think speaker wires first. I do have a set of Morrow Ma3's that aren't bad at all. So, maybe speaker wires and one more set of IC's. I did get "more" votes for Harmonic Technolgy. Not that the other votes weren't good ones, but the HT's are reasonable... Also seriously looking at Acoustic Zen, Audience and Cardas. However, the recommendation for ASI looks promising. And the MIT AVT 1's..
You only have to trust me enough to try the MIT AVT 1's in your system from Joe at Equus Audio...the pricing is 50% off msrp and I'm sure he could arrange for a home trial period. It sounds like you are entering the "cable zone" like I did many years ago...you will wind up chasing your tail and spending gobs of money over time. Tread carefully!
I have purchased a used set of Harmonic Tech Magic Link II XLR's for pre to amp and a set of Audience AU24e RCA's for CD or phono pre and hope to obtain a quality set of Bi-wire speaker cables next. That should take care of me until I need a DAC. Then, hopefully, it's just tweaking the music and room from there on in. Thanks for all you suggestions
Oh, I am seriously looking at Acoustic Zen and Harmonic Tech bi-wires for speaker cables. I looked at the Livelines(singles only) and the MIT AVT 1's (bi-wire) and will consider the Mit's if I can't find the above mentioned at a reasonable price. Of course, a "deal" on some AU24e's or Cardas Golden Ref's would pique my curiosity. Again, thanks