IC's amp-preamp & cd-preamp using Maggies?

Should the IC's used be different for A-PreA & CD-PreA in
my system:
TTBs - VPI scout w/sumiko blackbird
J.A. Mitchell reference hydraulic w/wynn strain gauge
CD - Cal Audio Tercet
Preamp - MFA Magus A-2 tube hybrid
Amps - Kenwood L09 300w mono amps
Spkrs - Magnepan MG IIIa's

most interested is airy & open, holographic imaging 200-650m price range that make maggies shine
looking for reccomendations in my mainly loved for analog system.
Work your way up the Synergistic Research, or Kimber lineup. I've got some of each(Synergistic's Analog Tricon, Tesla Apex, and various PCs/Kimber's KS-1130s and KS-1030s) in my bi-amped(Maggie mains) system. My goals have always been the same as yours(plus everything else that goes with the sound of, "live"), regarding presentation. The Cable Co. will work with you, as far as trying them out. (http://www.usedcable.com/) I've always dealt with Joe, and been a very satisfied customer.
Recently got a pair of Sillnote Morpheus interconnects on Audiogon for about $150. I installed them from my Shindo pre to my Hurricane monoblocks that drive my maggie 3.6r's. They replaced a pair of Nordost sbm interconnects. These ic's are the best I have heard in my system. Full sounding, rich and dynamic they were a major improvement to my system
i am after the same chacteristics you defined and murrow audio ma-2 ics and sp-3 speaker cables changed my magnepan mmgs performance like nothing else i have tried. good luck
good info from you all. was wondering if anyone out there has liked audioquest columbia dbs IC's w/maggies?
or have any of you tried any audioquest dbs speaker cables?
starting to think if i don't wish to go to a newer cd player that would be best to either compliment speaker cables w/ic's of same company.

all of your input has been welcome.