IC for MF A5.5i

I just purchased the Musical Fidelity A5.5 integrated which is going to be powering Revel M22 speakers through Tara Labs RSC Prime 1800 speaker cable. I upgraded from Cambridge 650A and still have the Cambridge 650C in the loop but plan on upgrading to the MF A5.5 CD player in the future. The current IC are AudioQuest Sidewinder. I was curious what others may have or currently do use in a similar system because there are tons of options available. If the IC I currently have will suffice then that is even better but I don't mind putting a little money into it since what I have was tossed in by the dealer here.

I am also new here, been creeping for a while, but finally decided to join in and see if I can get some more specific information.
I'd keep the Sidewinders for now until you get the MF A5.5 CDP.

Although - the CA 650C is a nice player.

I had a 640C v2 connected to my MF A5 Int amp - and it was a very nice combination. I went thru a couple of IC combinations - one of which was AQ Sidewinders and thought it was a good matchup.

My rig has since changed and so have the ICs.

I'm not familiar with the MF CDP or your speakers or what type of sonics you are after, but if you subscribe to the belief that 'everything matters' - you may want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the A5.5 CDP and the Sidewinders.

I found that ICs can make subtle changes, but it depends on the other components and their characteristics, so a specific cable recommendation may work for me, but not for you.

Ask if your dealer will loan you some ICs to try them out.
Thank you for the response, my A5.5 came in yesterday and have been listening to it pretty much non stop when I have the time. I am pleased with how it sounds with the 650C and with the sidewinders so for now, as you said, just time to listen and become familiar with the new setup. I am a tinkerer and that is my main reason for looking at different cables, obviously I am after some benefit as well, but I find part of the fun in looking at all of the different possibilities.

As for the A5.5 integrated, it is a nice upgrade from the 650A. I feel as though the lower end has really opened up and there is a new found clarity to all kinds of music. As far as sound goes it has the Cambridge in every aspect IMHO but, and these are small buts, I like the remote of the 650A better and it feels more solid and the volume control through the A5.5 remote is like trying to make fine adjustments with a sledge hammer.