IC for CJ PV12 Sunfire TrueSub Jr CJ MV2250?

Hey all,

I'm hoping the gurus of sound can help will a small dilema I have. I'm looking for a very neutral interconnect (3m) to run from a CJ PV12 > line level in/out of a Sunfire TrueSub Jr > CJ MV2250. I'm not looking to break the bank ($300 max/pair), but would like something that's not going to cripple the sound.

My other option is to run speaker level, which is what i'm currently running (Straightwire Octive > B&W N805/Sunfire)

Any insight is GREATLY appreciated!

I am using Audioquest Viper and I am quite happy with them although I am probably going to move up to Anaconda. I am using all CJ electronics / Thiel 3.6's and Sony SCD-1.

My best experience using inexpensive IC's with CJ preamps/amps has been with Homegrown Super Silver. A great match for the CJ electronics at a very attractive price.
thanks very much for the suggestions.

i tested out some cables (straightwire/nordost/mit) a few weeks back - all @ about the same pricepoint, and i ended up w/ MIT T3's. They seemed to provide the most open sound w/out some HF harshness the others exhibited.

the suggestions (audioquests & homegrown super silver's) did strike my curiousity. i'll have to give 'em a listen when i have the opportunity.