Ic for bass problems

I'm currenty using the following gear: Meridian 507 cdp, Plinius 8150 integrated, SF EA1 speakers, Straightwire virtuoso speaker cables, Onix Maestro ic. My problem is uneasy, muddy, bloated, low mid and bass. I did try for a very short time Kimber pbj ic, and it did rectify some of the problem, but gave peculiar unreal bass. I'm considering Red Dawn ic. Will it help?
Where are your speakers located? Sounds like they are too close to the wall or corners? Could also be a problem with a base node in the room.
In the long run it's not very effective to use interconnects as tone controls. I agree with Prpixel, it's probably a speaker/listener placement issue. Alternatively, it could be an equipment isolation problem.
Sounds to me like a serious lack of power delivery/noise control measures issue. Get a Porter Port cryo'ed outlet, clean the wire leads in the wall w/ Brasso and watch what will happen to bass strength and extension. This is just the beggining...
straightwire virtuso or crescendo are very full sounding ic's..

would suggest starting there.