IC between Lamm pre and McIntosh amp?

I want to upgrade the IC between my LL2 deluxe preamp and my MC275 amp and would appreciate some feedback. The existing IC is the cheapest Nordost (about $50). I'm willing to spend up to $400 on new, used, or DIY. I needs to be 3 feet long and RCA.

On past threads Lamm users have reported very good results with Purist Audio, so that would be Museaus (new or used) or Elementa Advanced (used).
Somebody I know uses this same setup with Kimber 1036, but at $1600 is way out of my budget.

I also wonder if DIY would be a good option, like VHAudio with Eichmann bullets.

For reference, I value soundstage and imaging..."seeing" the performers in front of me, so body, etc. Timbral accuracy is secondary, to the extent is not grossly off, of course. FWIW, speakers are B&W 804S, Rotel RCD1072 CD player, ICs are same cheapest Nordost, speaker cables are DIY magnet wire, PCs are VHAudio Flavor 4.

Feedback very welcome!
this is a terrific deal - slightly more than you want to spend


I do not know the seller just a great cable

good luck
I recommend these highly; I have sold and used VDH cables in my own system since the early 90s. They don't get as much ink in the US as in Europe but are first rate cables; these are the ones I use currently. I have nothing to do with this sale.

theres a pair of concierto violins for sale for $450 truely an amazing bargan they did retail for $2500 a pair i have conierto throughout my system best cables I ever owned quiet detailed perfect midrange and the notes hang on you should really check them out
thanks for the feedback. Had not heard about Concierto or Gabriel Gold, so went off digging the archives.

Conciertos: why no comments in recent past?? 3 hits from 2009, but all about power cords...then 4 hits from 2007 but from PCs or speaker cables...why would that be?

Gabriel Gold: very different story. Many hits. Many of the hits came from you, Philjolet, though. Seems they have a signature along the line of Purist: sweet, huge soundstage, great imaging. Looks interesting.

Thanks again!

I found the GG to easily beat Audio Note, Audience and Acoustic Zen in my system and they have the attributes you mention. I imagine their tone as slightly 'golden'...

of course YMMV

all the best!