IC and Speakers Cables

I have IC and Speakers Cables Audioquest SKY & Evrest with Elrod Statement PC.

Anyone have experience with Pranawire & Kubala Sosna IC and Speakers Cables? if BETTER to Audioquest?

Your experience and recommendation MIXTE Pranwire speakers cables example: with Kubala Sosna IC Emotion?

My System:

EMM Labs DCC2 & CDSD, Simon yorke /Graham Phantom / Benz LP, Viola Spirito preamp and Bravo amps, Klyne 3.5B phono, Aerial 20T Speakers. only (love music 2 chanal).

Thanks for All.
..i own 'cosmos' speaker cables and believe they are in a handful of speaker cables that can be called the 'best'.their i/cs are also superb.i also own 3 kubala-sosna powercords and believe..at their price point..that they are difficult to beat. i do own a 'samadhi' pranawire powercord that is on a par with the elrod'statement but is also much more expensive then the k-s pc. i have not heard the k-s speaker cables but doubt..and i may be wrong..that they are as good as the 'cosmos' cables. all systems are different however.both companies make great cables and you should try both before making a final decision..i would email alan kafton at audioexcellenceaz.com and audition the pranawire cables.....good luck
I saw your post about Kubala Sosna. I recently purchased their Fascination pc. For all their strength of balanced frequency spectrum, tonality, etc., they however sound a tad slow and ultimately lacks the high resolution of details of some other cords that I already own.

Thinking of either return or upgrade to their Emotion series which may address the issue. Since you own 3 of their pc, may I ask of your experience ?

Why not Viola's cable?