IC and speaker cable for merlin

Upgrading to vsm mm and have some cable questions. I have used audioquest and after reading posts and speaking with bobby I agree there is better for my setup. I'm using a belles 21 tube pre, cary cdp, and cary cinema 5 amp. My question is I realize the audience au24 and cardas golden ref. are fabulous, but I need a starter quality that is affordable for both speaker and IC.

Used TG Audio from the late Bob Crump. Affordable and much better than starter quality. Much better than most, period.

I know Bobby doesn't like silver, but I am having great results with VSM-MXs and Audio Consulting silver-wire ICs and speaker cable using natural cotton sleeves. These wires beat out hi-end MIT Oracle and Audioquest Diamond cables in my system, particularly in terms of open, transparent sound associated with the low dielectric constant of cotton. You can buy the wire and cotton and DIY, or have them made up by Kyle at Reference Audio Mods. They are inexpensive and he has demos for mail-order evaluations.