iBook to pre wireless hookup

Unless I've missed something in my recent reading here and elsewhere, I haven't found a good explanation (including name of hard/softwareware) to WIRELESSLY transmit streaming, CD, etc. audio from my new iBook (has Firewire but no Bluetooth) to the Aux input on my integrated. Of course I want audiophile quality and no RF/other interference.

How to?
Probably the simplest way to do it requires that you have an Airport or Airport Extreme card installed in your iBook transmitting to an Airport Express receiver that plugs into your integrated.
Sfar, thanks for the Airport Express info. Today I visited the local Apple Store and they said the Airport Express would only handle iTunes output, not streaming audio over the Net (don't recall but I think they also said CD-source audio would not work). They said a rather new 3rd party hard/software that would handle streaming audio was out there but didn't have details.

Anybody have a successful solution?

The express will handle anything iTunes sends to it. I atream radio stations (smoothjazz.com) through the Apple Cube to the express and then into the stereo. Sounds great!