Ian Anderson Or Fried?

Looking for some advice on which of these to choose. Has to be one or the other, can't be both as much as I would like that.

Ian Anderson: Started out as a slashing, bluesy rock outfit (I still like Cat’s Squirrel and A New Day Yesterday), evolved into catchy riffers with supposedly socially significant lyrics — always a bad sign — then descended into dubiously progressive English folk music with lyrics like, well, think Lewis Carroll with s*** on his shoe. A flute runs through it. This guy is unpolished but I would say there is a limit to how bad he can be, what with 30% Ks and 53% GBs. Without any growth he figures to be erratic but an asset at the end, and with growth he can easily be a Top 10 SP in 2021. Well-publicized, there is a fair chance that Ian gets the helium.

Max Fried: Legendary Transmission Line Designer. He’s good, with every chance to get better, and he pitches for a very good team. So far, an ideal No. 2 SP. However, his 50 Ks ranked in a three-way tie for 62nd among his peers. Take him as a No. 2 and he pitches 180 innings — that’s granting him something — you get 161 strikeouts from your No. 2 SP. You can do it and win, but you have to be aware of that little hole you have dug. As a No. 3 SP this is less of a concern because now you can afford to roll the dice that Fried’s rate improves. That bet is better because if he doesn’t improve you still get an overall asset.

I like them both but am slightly partial to Fried only because I absolutely love my Roger Sanders Transmission Line Hybrids.
Deadline for my decision is April 1st at 1:05 PM Eastern.

What chu talkin about Willis?
English agricultural inventor.
What are you talking about? And by the way, the name of the band is Jethro Tull, not Ian Anderson.
Something to do with baseball, not the singer songwriter or both or he’s drunk.
I think the OP may have indulged in a bit too much 420?  I have no idea what the heck he is talking about.  He is comparing Ian Anderson to a speaker designer and what is he choosing between?
Deadline for my decision is April 1st.

I thought that April Fools jokes were supposed to be amusing...
Not even close but thanks for playing...my money was on MC but he's probably just holding back.

I didn't know the band was called Jethro Tull. All my first pressings say Ian Anderson. Does that make them worth more?

Certainly not drunk or stoned. I wish. Those are the days We Used To Know while staying at the Hotel California. Have those no-talent clowns sent Ian his royalties yet?

An April Fools joke would be too obvious as they always are. Right up there with New Years' Resolutions on the terminal boredom scale.

The deadline and decision are real. Took a slight liberty with the legendary Mr. Fried's first name. Then again, Bud or Max, Max or Bud, it's certainly close enough for Biden government work.
Hey middlemass, is miller holding you hostage?  ‘Cause it sounds like you’ve gone stark Raven mad!

And Fried appears to refer more directly to the state of your brain then the late, lamented speaker designer.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Are you living in the past or are you working for imf?

"Snot running down his nose; greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes."
Ian Anderson - Aqualung
You might Benefit from Stand (ing) Up.
Hey y’all the OP is showing us the essay he used to be hired by Absolute Sound as their new equipment and music reviewer. Six Moons thought he was too focused.

THIS, is why you shouldn’t drink and post. Pay attention people......

I think we know who's fried here...
I met Irving "Bud" Fried a number of times in the late 70's, early 80's and purchased model R's, D's, Q's and Betas. Son still using 40 year old Q's, brother the Betas and two friends the R's and D's. Present for the introduction of the system H. So who is Max Fried?
As noted above, “Max Fried” is the state of OP’s brain!
April 1st, very appropriate (just a little early). Ian Anderson is a rock icon, and deserves better than this.
Must hear the Charlie Mortons before you make a decision.
Good place for the moderators to step in, I suggest...   Clearly not a well person. 
"Must hear the Charlie Mortons before you make a decision."

We have a winner!
This was fun, thanks for all the responses.
I saw Jethro Tull live 8 times...no bigger Ian Anderson fan than me. My first was the surprise Thick As A Brick show in early 1972. You can read about that experience in the Best Concert thread.
I’m competing against 200 other players in the 2021 NFBC National Roto Challenge. First prize is 40,000. No, I won’t win but as always, it will be loads of fun. Deadline for submitting my team is opening day, April 1st at 1:05 EST. If that's an April Fools Joke, you might want to inform Major League Baseball. The blurb on Atlanta’s young pitcher Ian Anderson was written not by me but by a legendary roto analyst. I thought it was hilarious and did not take offense. I AM offended that a famous band’s signature song, Hotel California, was stolen literally note for note from Ian Anderson (We Used To Know.) I also know that he is in poor health these days and wish him nothing but the best.

Not to brag (I am), but I saw Jethro Tull 36 times between 1967 and 1983. I last saw Ian doing his 50th Anniversary tour in 2019 at a Casino n Connecticut. I first saw Jethro Tull at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1967 I think. They had just come out with the “This Was” album. After what Ian did to Martin Barre, his lead guitarist for 40 years, I will never go to any more of his concerts nor buy anything new that he may come out with.
stereo5, I bow to you. Incredible. Wish I had seen the earlier shows. I was still in high school for the 72 show and had to sneak out of the house to get there. Dad was not happy...And yes, I've read about the Barre situation and agree with you.
Like stereo5, I have been a serious Tull fan for decades and have even seen them live (nowhere near 36 times). However, I was unaware of Martin Barre’s interview where he discusses the breakup of Jethro Tull. It was clearly a shock to him, and although I empathize with him, I’m confident that he will be alright with his estimated $50 million net worth. I have an outsized library of Jethro Tull tunes and I’ll continue to enjoy them, but I am disappointed that Ian Anderson may not be the unselfish hero I had envisioned since the 1970’s.

You got it right. That is what hurts me most, I always thought Ian was a stand up guy and always tried to do the right thing.  Ian thinks every member of his band are his employees. I guess even after 40 years, Martin Barre was still just another employee. I bet Martin didn’t know that.