Iam a NEWBIE in analog, will someone help me

Iam a newbie in a analog, and I just recently purchased a Vpi Scoutmaster with the standard jmw-9 and a Bat vk-p5 phono preamp. Does anyone out there have the same setup or maybe just someone who can help me choose a matching cartridge and cables for this? Also, in regards to the Bat vk-p5, I have read some reviews mentioning something about replacing the stock tubes to Amperex tubes, is that really necessary? Thanks.
Congratulations and welcome to the world of playing vinyl.

One word of encouragement: just play the BAT VK-P5. It's a
very nice phono preamp as it comes from the factory. With
tube gear, you can consistently get different sound by
changing the tubes. You can also drive yourself to
distraction. For now, just get to know the characteristics
of the sound you're getting from the stock unit. You may
find you never have any desire to change from there. If you
do decide to experiment with changing tubes, you'll have a
better baseline from which to assess the changes occurring
with different tube selections.

As to the cartridge, your set up can work well with a very
wide range of choices at a very wide range of costs. This is
all going to depend on your other equipment, your sonic
priorities and your budget. Keep in mind that cartridges
eventually wear out and have to be replaced. I recommend you
keep your cost moderate at this stage and get to know what
the system is doing and/or not doing for you. Eventually
you'll have to replace the cartridge and you can make
another choice based on what you've learned.
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I have the pretty much the same rig, the only difference being I have a SDS and use an (solid-state) ASR Basis. I run all tubes except in the phono pre, so I know the absolute uncertainty of tube "is it necessary-ness". Sure, better tubes give you different sounds. Notice I didn't say better sounds. Save your money and wait with your phono pre until you know the company sound. Once you learn what you like and don't like about the sound, you'll be better able to deal with tubes.

Stick with finding a good cartridge. I use MM exclusively because they are cheaper--thus, you can buy more of them for the price of a single decent MC. Variety is the spice of life; that's particularly true of cartridges. (They are very similar to choosing tubes.) So many choices, so many voices. For that arm, you'll need something with a bit of heft and a medium to high compliance. Give heed to compliance over weight. At the moment, I'm using an Ortofon M20E Super, a light cart with a high compliance. I picked it up on Ebay for $149. It's a wonderful cart, very lively, very detailed. Tracks like a hound. One that fits your arm perfectly is the Nagaoka MP50. I like this cart a lot. It goes slightly higher, but overall, it's well-balanced. It's more expensive, but not MC expensive--$450, I think I paid. My favorite, however, is my Grace F9-E. Goes deep and high. Never shrill. Very smooth. Great on jazz, rock and even classical. Superior on vocals. It's not supposed to fit the JWM 9 arm, yet it works. Go figure. There are other, but these stand out to me.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of suggestions here. Use them. I did. Use the Vinyl Engine as well--it's a great source for information. Read through the Audiogon forums, there's a vast amounts of info there. Look at other members' rigs; see what they use. etc., etc., etc.

Yes, the Benz medium output is a good MC cart, one that works in your setup, one I'm thinking of getting, too--maybe.

Good luck. Have fun.
I have a Benz LP - a bit more expensive, but much more refined. When you need to replace the stylus, Benz has an excellent return/upgrade offer. Leave the tubes alone for now...experiment when they burn out.
Three words: Setup, Setup, Setup. It's easy to loose any benefit from a good or great cartridge and phono preamp with a bad setup. Invest in a setup record and some tools to ensure that your tone arm and cartridge are set up properly. Until you have a handle on consistently setting up the cartridge and tonearm everything else is moot. Have fun!
.... about replacing the stock tubes to Amperex tubes, is that really necessary?

A manufacturer will use the tubes he can buy and he can support. The internal specs are made with those tubes. Using different tubes is a hobby some can improve the performance, some will change something, it is a personal taste.
I think, you can make life a bit easier when you choose a cartridge with higher output, MC about 0.4mV or a bit more.
You didn't even listen to the BAT and you're thinking about changing tubes? A true audiophile. As long as you're asking for advice, if possible, (and I know it's not always possible)buy your cartridge from a local VPI dealer and have him set up the table for you. Then listen to it for a year until you have a firm reference in your mind. Then, you will know whether changing tubes or cartridges or cables is an improvement or just a change. Right now, without that reference point, you're just walking around in the dark.

As to a cartridge, I believe a lot of VPI users seem to gravitate towards Dynavector. Enjoy your new setup.
Dear Apollocruz: As Calbrs03 posted the MM/MI alternative is very good ( even better that what you could think. ) as are the cartridges he name it.

Here you can get the Ortofon M20FL Super:


here the Nagaoka MP-50:


Regards and enjoy the music,
To everybody who answered my thread, Iam so very thankful to all of you. It really makes me so proud to belong to such a group of people who are really willing to share their knowledge and opinion to people just like me. As for all your suggestions, now I have the basis to engage myself into this new hobby. Thanks again guys.