I2S mods on Squeezebox

I have read about tapping into the I2S signal and bypassing S/PDIF in SB devices. Does anyone have any experience with this? I was considering the new PS Audio PWD, which utilizes I2S inputs via HDMI connections, but I don't want to have to connect my Duet receiver via SPDIF. It would be great to have the Duet modded for I2S....?
I wrote 2 articles about doing such conversions way back when on getting at the I2S connections for "The Audio Amateur" (now AudioXpress). The articles were entitled "Get on the Bus" and they appeared in 1995 and 1997. http://www.audioxpress.com/magsdirx/backissues/BISAAM.htm

While the specifics are a bit dated, the principles are still relevant.

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IMO talk to Wayne at Bolder - if anyone knows how to tweak up a Squeeze/Logitech product, likely he does - or of course Steve at Empirical
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Ya Clorody, I am progressing. One thing has led to another. First I looked into simply modding the receiver, and then I read up on re-clocking, which lead to I2S details. PS Audio's new PWD altogether eliminates the need to use S/PDIF by utilizing a true I2S input (inputs). That effectively addresses the whole jitter issue. Before I invest in the PWD though, I want to know that I can mod the Duet with a true I2S output.
To know what you can do with the Duet, all you need is the schematic.

To know what you can do with the Duet, all you need is the schematic.

Actually Kal, all YOU need is a schematic. For ME, it would be completely useless! I am not that "techy." I do know what I want to achieve though, and I know the reason why I2S is the better option - especially in conjunction with PS's new PWD. I wish I knew how to achieve the results I seek. I will, if it is within my financial means, have to rely on someone else's expertise.
I would suggest asking Steve Nugent at Empirical Audio.
I also have heard about Steve Nugent, Empirical Audio from people who were rather happy with his quality of work.

Good Luck!