i2s cables: Different connectors???

HELP!!! I own the Northstar 192 dac/transport combo which employs an i2s connection and comes with a stock cable which looks very much like that which connects a telephone to a phone jack (the plastic ends which snap into place) The back of the transport is marked "I2s" and the reviews I have read state that the units use an I2s connection. I just purchased a Revelation Audio I2s cable to use in place of the flimsy stock cable; HOWEVER, the Revelation cable uses a DIFFERENT connector (5 pins in a Neutrik termination) than the apparent CAT5 connectors on my stock cable. The Revelation cable is clearly an I2s cable as verified on its website and Soundstage review. How can both cables be I2s yet incompatible????? The Revelation cable WILL NOT WORK with my Northstar combo. Any ideas?
I2S specifies the signals on the leads, not the physical construction of the connections. The standard was established by Audio Alchemy with the round 5-pin miniDIN but others have taken different paths.
I think that I saw Revelation offering an RJ-45 type of I2S cable as well as the 5-pin mini-DIN style. Search the classifieds on Agon for Revelation and I believe that you'll find what you seek.
Good info from Kr4 and Perose. I'd like to add that the Revelation I2S cable is a very fine product and is better than much of the competition out there (from my experience). I'd try to stick with that cable if at all possible. If you need to know someone who sells these cables, drop me a note -- I bought mine over a year ago and can't remember the gentleman's name right now, but I can look it up. Good luck.