I2S Cable

anyone know of anyone willing/able/knowlegeable enough to make a cable to connect the I2S out from an Audio Alchemy DTI Pros32 to the I2S in on a Muse Model 2+? The longer story is under the digital forum. Thanks.
I think that PS Audio sells a I2S cable?
Sorry, here is the link:

Thanks for that. See the challenge is that the Audio Alchemy piece has one fitting at the end while the Muse has a DB25 connection at the other. The PS Audio is an HDMI format -- which would be a third iteration.
Did you try the cable company?
while I doubt they will have anything stock for this application I would guess they would be able to custom make something for you:


they DO have replacement i2S for Audio Alchemy gear

good luck!

Careful with Revelation Audio Labs. Search the archives here and on Audio Asylum before you purchase anything from them.

That being said they made an I2S cable for me for my North Star combo. I think the challenge here is the different connectors but I suppose a competent cable manufacturer could make it work.

Sorry, but I'm 99.9% sure you will never get the i2s connection you are hoping for. The Muse uses what Kevin Halverson calls i2s plus where every important electrical stream gets its own wire (hence the 13W3 connector). Only the Model 5 and 8 transports have the necessary i2s plus outputs. All other systems that use i2s connections are of a different configuration.
You can try contacting Kevin at Muse.
Wish I could furnish you a link to the white paper on i2s plus but I haven't been able to find it.
Read the review that Dave Duval at SoundStage wrote on the Model 2 plus. It mentions the incompatibility.
The cables aren't compatable. I've already been down that road. If you want to continue using the AA DTI Pro 32, I would suggest getting a Camelot Technologies DAC or Perpetual Technologies DAC. Both of these companies designed equipment which used the Audsio Alchemy version of I2S cable. The Sonic Frontiers version I2Se is also different from the Muse (same connector/wired up differently) design.
Thanks for all your input. I have now avoided making a mistake in having someone "make a cable for me" and am willing to continue with the BNC/BNC link between the Muse and the AA piece. If something new comes up -- I will most definitely update.

Kevin and Muse -- have not heard back from them yet but I suspect I will get confirmation of the incompatibility.

Thanks again.
OK topic closed -- just heard from the folks at Muse -- the two are incompatible. So if anyone else has this weird little idea -- don't bother. Muse implemented a more advanced form of I2S and they just won't work together.

Ah well.

Now if anyone has need of some interconnects -- it seems I have lots left over now that I have settled on what I wish.

Thanks to one and all.