i2 Digital X-60, digital cable

Any members tried this new contender, I am starting to hear some buzz about it. From pictures it is lightweight and flexible with BNC/RCA combo connector included. Unfortunately I don't have BNC connection with my gear.

I have recently had very good results with "glass" toslink,
but was wondering if this is worth exploring. Also what cables did you previously use before X-60?

The Audio Alchemy DST cable I used was an active device, requiring additional AC outlet. I didn't notice difference, but I had device going into DTIv2.0 (anti-jitter) then to DDEv1.1 (DAC). Just put additional BNC-RCA (or RCA-BNC) connector in line. These connectors were very inexpensive. Should be available from just about any electronics specialty outlet.
I am using the I2 Digital. It is the best I have had in my system. Some others that I have tried were Kharma, PS Audio, Illuminations Orchid, Silver Audio, Mapleshade, JPS Labs, LAT, Marigo, Tact & Audit. There is a few others I am sure but obviously, they weren't memorable ones. The designer of the I2, Chris, also had a hit digital cable years ago that was a u shaped tube with connectors on it in the shape of Alladin lamps. I thought that cable was ground-breaking for it's time. Chris also designed the Orchid. He has a good track record with the I2 Digital being his best work to date and what I think could be the very best out there. It doesn't seem to introduce any jitter nasties. Very clean sounding and exceptionally controlled when the music gets loud and complex. I love it. I am using it between a CEC TL1-X transport and alternating between the latest and greatest offerings from Camelot and AudioLogic.
Are you able to use X-60 BNC connecttion with your gear? The price seems reasonable but I wonder if the RCA connection would also have same excellent results. I have AZ Mc2 currently as my RCA digital cable which in the past has been very competitive, but I see some of same people who originally recommended Mc2 are talking about X-60 cable now.
The X-60 comes with two BNC to RCA adapters included in the purchase price so everybody with RCA digital connectors can use this cable. I can only speculate that terminating the X-60 cable assembly into available RCA connectors comprimise its performance. I was leary of the adapter degrading the sound but my fears were quickly smashed upon listening. It beats everything I have had. Furthermore, I spoke with Jerry Ozment @ AudioLogic to see about having the RCA on his DAC changed to a BNC connector and his advise was not to do it. No sonic advantage would result. Plus it would now limit me to using only BNC configured cables which are few if any...yeah I'm extremely satisfied with the I2 but as I have always said..."Never turn down an audition"...you might learn something.
Lak told me he ordered one of these. I plan to audition it with my Cambridge CDP and in his system.
Hey Psychic, please keep us informed on how this cable sounds. Also, either you or Lak wouldn't happen to have a D-60 to compare the i2 cable with? I just sold mine, or I could have let you guys use to compare. I also find RCA cables made from CAT 5 to be very good in digital application. Well, they are digital cables to begin with just with emphasis on exteremely high bandwidth and distance requirements.
If you guys keep this up I will be forced to order one, or Sarajan at 6 Moons will say that this has become his new reference digital cable (he has been using AZ Mc2, and also alerted me to excellent WireWorld SuperNova III glass toslink cable)
Didn't 6mmoon do a toslink shoot out and thought they can't hear the diff between a $30 dollar glass toslink and name brand ones? I did get the glass toslink in that review from ebay. And, it sounds pretty good. Too bad the Nixon dac doesn't have optical in.
The $30 eBay glass Toslink smoked the $100 Moster Reference I got from Circuit City. Those 30 day money back trials work!

Deano is the one who told me to get the i2 Digital. I did see his classified selling the $2K Kharma.

We'll hear how this turns out...
Last night I was at Lak's house and took my Sheffield/XLO burn-in CD so that he could asccelerate the procees on his i2Digital cable. We did a brief comparison with his Purist Audio Proteus ($450) and I can tell you--even before broken in, the i2 was sounding cleaner, faster, more neutral. The Purist sounded colored, bass boomy, lacked extension and was veiled in its sound. Oh well, guess some people like it like that...

I took a couple of Lak's cryo'eds Absolute PS's (at Cryoplus) and compared to my Jena Labs cryo'ed Absolute. What a difference! It was like two different power cords! I know Jena is $20 a pound, but the audible superiority was there.
Where does one find out more about this cable - Price, where to buy, etc. ????
Duh... brain fart, sorry. Need more coffee!
I have the i2. It's a good cable. But it's bested by my Synergistic Research Resolution Reference Active BNC. The Synergistic has wider soundstage, more open sound, and a bit more bass extension.

I use it on my DVD player, and it is a nice thin flexible cable (unlike the Synergisitic).
Great cable for the money, an improvement over D-60, but really not up there with the best. In my experience, this cable is surpassed by Nordost Silver Shadow (good); AZ MC2 (better); Siltech G5 (almost best); and the king of them all, Kharma Grand Reference. Nothing beats the Kharma but it is nearly impossible to find used and is very expensive new ($1900). But buy one and forget about replaciung it for a long time, if ever.

I use from Vecteur L4 CDP used as transport to Dodson 217 MKII D with 218 upgrade. Sublime!

i2Digital termination info:


All S/PDIF i2Digital cables, such as the X60, include our standard IM (interseries module) connectors. If you are using RCA's, BNC's, or both, no special termination is required. Simply specify the length you need. That's it.
Nglazer: Deano, who posted above, sold his Kharma Grand Reference because the i2digital outperformed it. I remember seeing the ad here.

Perhaps your power delivery/line filtration rig is not up to speed. Perhaps.