I Would LOVE to see.

I would love to see what some of our treasured artist that we love so dearly, who we lost early would be doing today. My favorite artist I have followed since 16, now 66, Van Morrison, Dr.John and Bob Dylan to name a few have led me on a musical journey that in some ways I almost feel like we have spent physical time togeather. The artist that come to mind for me quickly are John Lennon, Gram Parsons, Otis Redding. Who comes to mind for you?
@fixedincome, I played Butterfields first album last night. Good pick.
Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Freddie Mercury for me.
Kurt Cobain would be interesting as well.
Definitely John Lennon. Second is Buddy Holly.
Could you just imagine what body of work Hank Williams would have if .....
In addition to the abovementioned:

Jeff Buckley
Elliott Smith
Duane Allman
George Harrison
Nick Drake
Duncan Browne
Allan Holdsworth
David Bowie

Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia for sure!
Miles Davis and Gustav Mahler!
Laugh if you must but Karen Carpenter's loss was incredibly tragic.  She had a voice as smooth as velvet with great control.  She was a capable drummer as well.  Richard's release remastering some of their greatest tunes with the backing of the RPO is fantastic!  Absolute system showpiece.  Is it ear candy, YES!  Nothing wrong with some sweets once in a while.  Give it a listen and see if you don't find a smile on your face.😁
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@hifiman5 , actually Karen Carpenter is who I was thinking about when I started this. 
I got beat to Hank Williams and Buddy Holly, but there are plenty of others. W.A. Mozart (lived to only 35), Eddie Cochran, Bobby Fuller, Patsy Cline, Amy Winehouse, Al Jackson Jr. (drummer in Booker T & The MG's), Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Richard Manuel. I could name a hundred, unfortunately.
Steve Marriot, Michael Hedges and Jaco.
Bob Dylan pretty much all my life
Grateful Dead since 1982
Bardo Pond since 2000
Split Enz. The "clown" era.

Oh, and the two Dannys, Whitten and Gatton. Another couple of guitarists I will miss hearing new music from is Bill Pitcock IV of The Dwight Twilley Band and Paul Skelton (a Telecaster master) of The Cornell Hurd Band (Austin, Texas). Both were heavy smokers, and paid the price. Lastly, Danny Gatton's sometimes-2nd guitarist/singer/songwriting partner, the madman Evan Johns. His vice was alcohol.

All the above were unable to say "Don't smoke, don't drink." Neither could everyone's favorite hard-rockin' singer, Bon Scott of the true Rock 'n' Roll band AC/DC, one of the few "screamers" I myself like.

In the jazz trumpet world - Clifford Brown (25) and Booker Little (23).

In the singer-songwriter-guitar world - Nick Drake (26).
Nice mentioning Nick Drake.  I, a few years back, bought a CD of his mother Molly Drake, unbelievably haunting and beautiful.  With the time to listen.  
Syd Barrett, although it was a different kind of loss.

Another like Syd Barrett was Skip Spence, a fellow acid casualty. Syd had been the Jefferson Airplane's original drummer (on only their debut album, Takes Off) before joining Moby Grape as songwriter/singer/rhythm guitarist.

Skip's Oar solo album may remind you of Syd's couple; a horrific view into drug-induced insanity. Skip was in a state mental hospital until California Governor Ronald Reagan closed them all down, throwing all the patients out onto the street. Great idea ;-) !

Syd could thereafter be seen aimlessly wandering the streets of downtown San Jose, bumming cigarettes. Careful with that ax, Eugene. 

Drug induced insanity?  You mean as opposed to just regular insanity? 🤪
Chet Atkins
Patsy Cline
Doc Watson
John Lennon

I saw Duane Allman in 1971 at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh.  We lost him way too soon shortly after.  

His slide guitar was amazing and the session work showed his depth and breadth of skills, not to mention his brief work with Clapton.

To be succinct, his playing touched my soul.  I can give no greater praise.
Oops, it was Skip not Syd who was wandering around downtown San Jose. Syd spent the last few decades of his life being cared for by his mother. Do a search for pics of him in those years if you want to be shocked. It's enough to scare you off acid!
Emily Remler - fantstic jazz guitarist, lost at 32
Jack Bruce, Roy Buchanan, Keith Moon, Jaco Pastorius, Eva Cassidy, Lennon, Harrison, Rory Gallagher, Beethoven to name a few.
Janis Joplin/ Stevie Ray Vaughn/ John Lennon/ John Bonham/ Nat King Cole
Jimi Hendrix, absolutely. 
Gotta add John Townes Van Zandt to this list.
And of course Warren Zevon.