I would love to communicate with Mirage OM-9 users

I would like to hear what amps, pre-amps, etc. is being used. I would also want to know if there are problems with adequate base response? In general, what's you opinion about these speakers? Finally, what center speaker is being used? Thank you so much for your responses.

Back in September I got a pair of m-290is's. Previously I never knew about Mirage. I fell in love with the speakers and started looking at other Mirage speakers. I just got a pair of OM-9s last month and have been on cloud nine since.

I haven't heard every speaker out there, and my system is not the most high end, but these are the best sounding speakers I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Thats my opinion.

I mostly listen to music with some movies.
I've previously used floorstanding speakers and seperate subwoofers (yamaha, velodyne) but when I added these OM-9s to my system I got rid of the subwoofers.

I always used to have to tweak the subwoofer controls (crossover, gain) to get things to sound "right" depending on what kind of music I was listening to. I'd set the crossover to where it should be so the bass would roll off the main speakers and into the sub, and I tried all kinds of room placements but I could never get it to sound right with all kinds of music. Some music might sound good, and others too boomy, or others too muddy. As if some bass notes were louder than others. I never liked that.

Now I don't have to mess with that. I don't have any equalizing (I think the source should be f'ed with as little as possible) and the bass always sounds rich and detailed no matter what kind of music I try. The bass goes deeper on these OM-9s than my subwoofers did. As one review I read said, (paraphrasing from memory) "This is not boomy, spotty-faced boy racer bass, this is deep grown-up bass"

But thats not even what I love about these speakers.

I love that no matter where I sit in my living room I can enjoy beautiful stereo imaging. The whole room is filled with sound, even at lower listening levels.

I also love that everything is more detailed than I've ever heard before. My favorite thing now is to invite over a friend and let them play one of their CDs. They get to listen to music they've heard a million times, but on these speakers they hear all the detail they could never hear before. I don't tell them a thing about the speakers, just sit them down and let them listen... A friend who likes drums remarks "I can hear every nuance of that drummer playing the drum kit-- it's like he's right there" -- and it's not even a drum solo, the rest of the band is still playing. If the friend was a bass guitar buff he might've commented on that instead. The bass doesn't drown out the highs and mids. Everything is clear.

I know ther speakers can boast similar detail-- thats all part of what makes a good speaker what it is. But the Mirage Omnipolar speakers also have the large, accurate, imaging and room filling sound that I have yet to find in another speaker.

I'm keeping an eye on ebay for a OM-C3 center channel. Thats the center I want to use with the OM-9s and mirage says it's the best match.

Current setup is OM-9s in the front, the m-290iss in the back, and a mid-fi yamaha center channel (cant remember the model). The OM-C3 will be a much better match for the OM-9s, but for now it's a low priority for me because I mostly use this system for stereo music listening. Currently powering the OM-9s with yamaha seperates in a bi-amp configuration.

I'm fairly new to Mirage Omnipolar speakers but I'm already converted.