I would like to know the sites

Hi. I would like to know the sites on which classical discs are recommended. I make a request for it. Thanks.
For an extended listing and description of largely classical LPs with superior sound:
http://www.high-endaudio.com/index_ac.html - see "Supreme Recordings"

For an online resorce to reviews of various classical recordings (largely CD):

http://www.gramophone.co.uk - go to "Reviews"; you'll have to register, but otherwise access to an extensive database of reviews over the past 10 years or so is available.

http://www.classicaldigest.com - an extensive list

http://www.hifiplus.com - see "The Reviews" and work through the back issues from there.
Thanks Rushton!
I added them to my links too!
Great response Rushton -- very useful. Thanks.
Elizabeth and Ozfly, you're welcome. Glad I could share. One additional comment: as a collector of vinyl, I find Grammophone particularly useful because the reviewers often reference other performances by way of comparison that are (or were once) available on vinyl.

Two more resources that you might explore are:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/building/index.shtml - the ever valuable BBC "Building a Library" recommendations

Rushton,thanks a lot for your replies. I am sorry that I asked an incorrect question. I would like to know Q&A sites about classical discs. I make once more request for it. Thanks.
Bluesky, I'm sorry to have misinterpreted your original question. By "Q&A sites," do you mean sites on the internet where you can engage others in discussions about classical recordings? If so, the following are sites in which I participate for that sort of discussion. If not, please help me understand what you need and I'll try again.

These are the sites I enjoy for conversation about classical music and recordings:

1. Audiogon's "Music" forum - not as much discussion about classical music as I wish there were.

2. Audio Asylum's "Music Lane" forum or "Vinyl" forum (for music on vinyl).

3. Newsgroup: rec.music.classical.recordings (either directly through a newsgroup reader or through Google). This is actually one of the best locations for discussions that stay focused on just classical music. Very broad participation base.

4. The Phonogram listserv for music on vinly (email based discussion, lots of classical music discussed, but this is an LP discussion group, not CD). You can recieve it either in individual emails as they are posted, or in digest form. Since this is a volunteer operation, an annual donation (US$12 or more suggested) is requested to help pay for the operation of the server. To subscribe, send an email to:
Leave the subject line blank and in the message body write:
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Rushton,thanks a lot for your replies. They are much helpful to me. Thanks.