I would like to know the approx. value of my equip

I have a McCormack dna 0.5 deluxe power amp and an Audio Research LS7 preamp. I bought these new in 1998. They are both in very good condition. I would like to sell them and need an idea how much to ask and any suggestions on how to advertise them?
Take some photos and place them on a no reserve auction starting for $1, and in about a week you will have a pretty good idea of their value.
Check completed sales on Ebay.
It might be worth it to pay the one-time $20 fee for the Audiogon Blue Book service. I subscribed to it for years when I was burning through equipment sales and purchases. It was worth every nickel, tenfold.
I agree with the Audiogon Blue Book.
Yes, Use Audiogon bluebook. THEN, to be safe, subtract 25 %!
It seems to be a buyers market out there. I've rarely gotten the bluebook when selling unless it's a high demand item. If a company is out of business, it can dramatically affect the value in spite of what the blue book says. I own Snell Type A V5's. They won't fetch half of what Audiogon says they're worth. This is as fickle a hobby as any. If you accept this principle, you'll sleep easier. Joe
Jnovak, Now that's funny.
When selling, I've beaten the BlueBook a few times, and I've had to go way below the BlueBook at times. It just depends on the item. When buying, I've paid above BlueBook if I just had to have the item and it was one of the very few around.
I agree Jnovak, Audiogon Bluebook is wishful thinking for a seller. :)
Bluebook may be high or low. You really have to look at the data, assuming there is some detail, and be honest with yourself about what you are selling, instead of thinking that you will get the highest price posted for a sale.
Yes some times bluebook isn't the whole story but, it gives you a starting place.
Using the bluebook and learning the market for your specific products is your best bet. This idea of taking the bluebook price and deducting 25% is bad advice.
It is a tough economy for used audio values.... trust me, I just practically gave away some great gear that wasn't all that old. Unfortunately the bottom feeders on fleabay have pushed prices to an all time low. I try to think about the enjoyment some really high quality gear can provide rather than worry about the resale, if I buy it right in the first place and sell it fairly then I got my money's worth. I am trying to sell a great pair of speakers for 40% of what they cost and no bites... I am almost inclined to keep them rather than give them away. I'm also trying to sell an amp that was $3700 new, I can't give it away at $600. It's not like it was a few years ago when people had play money. my Rega P3 sold right away , go figure....