I would like to hear the Revel F-52's

I am in the market for new main speakers. I need something that does music and movies well. The Revel F-52's might be the right mix for me but I can't find a dealer that has them to listen to in my area.
Was wondering if anyone living in or around Grand Rapids, Michigan area might have a set of Revel F-52's I could hear.
May have to drive to Chicago. I'm having a similar challenge. Planning to fly there to listen to the F52, Studio2's as well as Thiels.

Good luck!
After several phone calls, I could not even find someone in Chicago that can demo the f-52's. Ritmo did you find a place?
try barrett's home theater in naperville--i saw a pair there
GreyWolf00 - Actually, I made a few calls today and could not find a dealer in Chicago that has either the F52 or the Studio 2. Certainly more difficult than I anticipated.
Audio Consultants has a couple stores in Northern Illinois & Chicagoland area. They have Revel and Thiel. Or at least they did the last time I was there. I don't live in the area anymore.
I called them this week. They do have the Thiel's. Don't have Revels.
I live in northern NJ and have been trying to do the same, no luck! Why does no one carry this speaker?
I took the plunge!!!! I have a 2 year old pair of f-52's arriving this week. I got them at a great price. Your are all invited over to my house for a listening session. BYOB of course. If I don't love these speakers my wife is going to kill me. lol. I'll let you know.
Do let us know how you like them. What are you going to use to drive them?
They sound outstanding! Very clean and musical. Top end is crazy good. Both male and female vocals come across like they are in the room. Deep base is tight but a bit light to my taste. Overal speaker is dynamic and fast but power hungry. I'm using Marantz Ma-700 mono blocks. One per channel at 200 watts each. I think I could bi-amp them and get more out of them if I had the right cables. My pre is an arcam av9 and I use a sonos with a bryston bda-1 dac for music. I have been able to convince myself that the next upgrade will be the revel b15a sub. The WAF is about an 7-8(which is incredible in this house)partially from the sound but also because they look great. I could easily be found a week later unshaven with my hand clutching the remote, stacks of empty pizza delivery boxes and beer bottles all around. I wouldn't know what day it was. But, I love the F-52's.
Greywolf I appreciate your review but the f 52 with their 3 6.5" woofers pump more bass in my room than my 107/2 with 2 10" woofers per side. I am amazed at how involving they are and the soundstaging is spooky good, like headphones.Enjoy