I would like to hear from ex-Linnophiles

I love to hear Linnies talk about their gear which such passion. They almost make you feel that your missing out on something special. Instead of asking Linnophiles what they like about Linn since I already know the answer, Im interested in hearing from those that have left the fold. So,I would appreciate comments from those who have left and why. TIA Emil.
hi emil,

while i woodn't consider myself a linnie, or an ex-linnie, i *did* own a kairn preamp for several years. it was really nice - great ergonomics, detailed, accurate, transparent, wide & high soundstage, dynamic - but not enuff depth. i went to tubes, & was able to find a unit w/all the linn's qualities, plus great soundstage depth, warmth & bloom, w/no sacrifice to detail & transparency. i'm a happy camper now...


I sold my Majik, after three and a half years, for tube amp, i am purchasing. I still have Linn Karik CDP, and if i would ever go back to solid state, i would definitely buy Linn again. Sure bet! Doug got it right.
I read an interview with Ivor from Linn several years back; his arrogance and plain stupidity turned me off Linn for life. Add in the dumb names he gives his stuff, and I'm not interested at all, in my mind there are is much better to be had out there for similar prices. Truth be told, although Linn holds it's value in the market, I find their products represent poor bang-for-the-buck. I have noticed Linnies think the stuff is unbeatable, almost rabid loyalty to the gear. Whatever floats yer boat..Jeff
I currently own Linn gear and find it to be highly capable. I don't consider myself a 'Linnie' - I'm a music lover! Linn, like many other hifi brands, is a mixed bag - some great stuff, some not so hot, all of it egregiously overpriced. My disdain has come from the 'all Linn, only Linn' mentality. Higher quality interconnects, as well as modifications to the LP-12 (YES Ivor, modifications!) improve the performance further. I guess it boils down to a matter of taste - if you like it, buy it. If not, there are PLENTY of other choices. But to start a thread simply for the purpose of 'Linn-bashing' has little to do with furthering this hobby. Regards and Happy Holidays, -John
Musickdok aka John I had no intentions to Linn bash. Im actually interested in the Majic as well as the Tukans. Peace
It was with great relief that I sold my LP12 and moved on to a highly modded Thorens TD-124 and then a SOTA Cosmos. Raanan
I have fallen madly in love with many components from many manufacturers and I must say that my Linn LP 12 Lingo was one of the most boring, uninteresting, and unsatisfying pieces of "high end" gear I have ever owned. This whole Linn cult thing is placebo effect propogated by clever marketers and hyped through the arrogant, xenophopic British "hi-fi" community. A dealer once told me that their rep encouraged the dealers to point out customers' feet tapping along during Linn demos (even if their feet were still) as "proof" of the magical, musical Linn sound. I think the turntable was a piece of junk. I was equally unimpressed with a Linn Karik/Numeric auditioned through Mark Levinson electronics and Wilson Watt/Puppies. I will say, however, that an old pair of Linn Kans, played up against a wall with a Naim Nait sounded pretty good, but nothing to get delirious over and join a cult.