I would advise to avoid amazon for vinyl purchases

In the past, I have ordered quite a few LPs from amazon.com Most of them have been warped to some degree. I returned them and got replacements that were warped as well. I finally got a refund after arguing back and forth about the product being opened. Amazon doesn't pack the LPs as well as some of the other respected music vendors. You will be better served to stick with music direct, acoustic sounds or elusivedisc. I have always had good luck from the vendors above. Just thought I would let you guys know about my experiences.
Never ordered LPs from amazon, although I have some on my wishlist. Did your records come from private vendors or from an Amazon fulfillment center?
Also, were these new LPs in shrinkwrap (causing them them to be warped?)
I think Sam Tellig from Stereophile reported the exact same problem with Amazon a while ago. He was talking about purchasing directly from Amazon, not a private vendor, which makes sense as it'd be unfair to blame Amazon for something they have no control over.

I'd add soundstagedirect.com to the list of the online record retailers. They usually ship for free over $30, which is a nice perk. And the packing job is always top notch.
Recent vinyl purchased through Amazon (Metheny/Haden "80/81" Import) and shipped by "The Connection" seems just great to me. I would buy vinyl through Amazon again.
I've had good luck buying vinyl through Amazon. Their packaging has improved a lot compared to the first ones I ordered, but none of the actual LPs was damaged in any way, or warped.
I also have had good luck so far (tapping head to knock on wood) with used vinyl though Amazon resellers, inclusing some stellar first pressing Steely dan recordings.

Also, Discogs is another source I use frequently.
No problems with Amazon.... I have also bought many albums from Dustygroove.com and they have always been delivered in terrific condition. They are a great source for jazz, blues, funk, and lots of great music. No connection with them.....just a very satisfied customer.
The purchases I made were direct from amazon. I felt a bit safer buying from them rather than indiviuals. The few that I did purchase from individuals were shipped fine. The LPs direct from amazon were shipped in a box with packing peanuts. Just loose inside the box. The records were slightly warped and the corners of the outer sleeve all dented up. I'm not sure how amazon stores their records in the warehouse or if it is climate controlled but, the majority of vinyl I did purchase direct from amazon was warped. I don't purchase through them any more.
Just to second Adam18's attaboy for Dusty Groove America. IME, you can trust their ratings of used records. I've bought a lot of their VG-rated LPs and have yet to be disappointed (as everybody probably knows, VG means Very Grungy to a lot of sellers, but not to Dusty Groove).
I will need to check out dusty groove. I am sure there are alot of good individual sellers on amazon. I am not bashing them by any means. I am just stating that I have not had good luck with LPs direct from amazon
I would also consider wowhd as they provide excellent packing
and also give free shipping when the order is above a certain amount .