I wish these albums were available on vinyl

I love records.
I’m relatively new here and can’t imagine this hasn’t been discussed in the past, but in my regular habit of listmaking I started this random wish list with just a few of the albums I’ve lately been a little frustrated over because they cannot be obtained on vinyl.

Need Vinyl Pressing:

Dishwalla- Pet Your Friends

Berliner Philharmoniker - Beethoven Piano Concertos - Simon Rattle- Mitsubishi Uchida

Keith Jarrett - Vienna Concert

Maria Schneider Orchestra- Concert in the Garden

Mark Knopfler- Sailing to Philadelphia, et. al.

Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (rare Euro pressing unattainable)

Clem Snide - The Meat of Life

Pat Metheny - Speaking of Now, et. al.

Hem - Eveningland, et. al.

Beethoven, Violin Sonatas No’s. 1, 10, & 5 “Spring” - Lorenzo Gatto & Julian Libeer

This is barely a beginning of course.
Maybe you’ll want to agree, or disagree, or add a few of your own important albums to this list.
So many records missing from the 90s...one can hardly begin.
Maybe the labels and better reissue houses will be watching. We can hope.
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I feel compelled to add:

Ruth Moody (any or all)
Wailin’ Jennys ( I think @tomic601 Found only one of theirs on a record once)

we've discussed this shameful omission from the connoisseur’s catalogue before. 
Aimee Mann "@#%*! Smilers"
Natalie Merchant (more)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters (more)


Gillian Welch "Time the Revelator"

I believe she already cut lacquer for this so it's just a matter of time before we see the vinyl.  All of the vinyl from her and Rawlings have been stellar to date.  Love the effort they have been putting into it.  And conveniently for us they are perfectionists ;-)

I thought so, but there's been so much time passed since I remember hearing of it.
As James mentioned The Jennys, Add in Cowboy Junkies. Walter Becker