I wish these albums were available on vinyl

I love records.
I’m relatively new here and can’t imagine this hasn’t been discussed in the past, but in my regular habit of listmaking I started this random wish list with just a few of the albums I’ve lately been a little frustrated over because they cannot be obtained on vinyl.

Need Vinyl Pressing:

Dishwalla- Pet Your Friends

Berliner Philharmoniker - Beethoven Piano Concertos - Simon Rattle- Mitsubishi Uchida

Keith Jarrett - Vienna Concert

Maria Schneider Orchestra- Concert in the Garden

Mark Knopfler- Sailing to Philadelphia, et. al.

Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (rare Euro pressing unattainable)

Clem Snide - The Meat of Life

Pat Metheny - Speaking of Now, et. al.

Hem - Eveningland, et. al.

Beethoven, Violin Sonatas No’s. 1, 10, & 5 “Spring” - Lorenzo Gatto & Julian Libeer

This is barely a beginning of course.
Maybe you’ll want to agree, or disagree, or add a few of your own important albums to this list.
So many records missing from the 90s...one can hardly begin.
Maybe the labels and better reissue houses will be watching. We can hope.
Joanne Shaw Taylor. ( anything )
The Jody Grind ( anything )
Neko Case "The Virginian" it came with the box set a few years back but never available singly
Tonic "Lemon Parade"
Cake ( anything )  several years ago @ RSD there was a box set but that's been it
Cracker "S/T"
Shel "S/T"
The Notorious Cherry Bombs "S/T"

I was afraid I might get on a roll................
As an aside, Run Out Groove record label specializes in putting out recordings never before put on vinyl. They offer up 3 choices every now and then for customers to vote on. The one with the most votes gets the treatment. I think it's a good model and have bought many of them. Never had a disappointing experience yet.

There was a thread started here last year regarding "Two Against Nature" on vinyl. The only copy I’m aware of is from Giant Records out of CA and it is a UK pressing. I happen to own it. There was talk on that thread about it’s upcoming re-realease on vinyl.
I remember that thread Slaw.
I mentioned then that I have it on cassette as vinyl is outrageous price if you can find it.
$400 to $750!
Very ouch!
Even the cassette is $20+
Yes, I remember that thread.  I have it on my want list but it’s just too expensive.   Seems like a great candidate for a repress. 
I hate to tell you Brothers but I found my copy for $15.00 @ a record show close to 30 years ago.

Maybe if things get tough I can sell mine on Discogs?
Andrew Hill - Passing Ships

Recorded for Blue Note in 1969 but not released until 2003 - only on CD.  Definitely needs to be put on vinyl.
Gung Ho / Patti Smith
Never released on Vinyl. This album to me is Radio Ethiopia part 2.  Radio Ethiopia is my favorite Smith album.
Some recordings I would like to see re pressed because the price of the original is outrageous  are.
Wildflowers/ Tom Petty
There was talk b4 Tom's death that they were going to release a 3 disc version with all outtakes and alternate song recordings. 
Bloodflowers / The Cure
Wish/ The Cure
For myself to complete my collection of Magnum on vinyl it would have to be...

Rock Art by Magnum.
Never released on record, just CD and cassette.
i suspect you could easily raise funds by selling a few of your collection 
However I know you would regret it forever!

Hang in there brother!
There are many Patty Griffin records never put to vinyl. Some of the ones' finally on vinyl deserve much better.
I feel compelled to add:

Ruth Moody (any or all)
Wailin’ Jennys ( I think @tomic601 Found only one of theirs on a record once)

we've discussed this shameful omission from the connoisseur’s catalogue before. 
Aimee Mann "@#%*! Smilers"
Natalie Merchant (more)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters (more)


Gillian Welch "Time the Revelator"

I believe she already cut lacquer for this so it's just a matter of time before we see the vinyl.  All of the vinyl from her and Rawlings have been stellar to date.  Love the effort they have been putting into it.  And conveniently for us they are perfectionists ;-)

I thought so, but there's been so much time passed since I remember hearing of it.
A few never released on vinyl I would like to see
Anatomy/ Stan Ridgway
Blues for Greeny/Gary Moore

Venus Isles / Eric Johnson
Never released on vinyl although the cd sounds awesome.
moe. / Wormwood
Forest For The Trees / Forest For The Trees
John Cale / Hobo Sapiens 

Cowboy Junkies - Acoustic Junk

Fabulous content....one of the best recordings I've ever heard.

I Facebook messaged them....and asked if it would ever be available on vinyl. They responded and said "not likely".
@spiritofradio just went back and listened to Freddy Jones Band for the first time in about 25 years...thanks!

I'm assuming if you're a Gillian Welch fan, you also enjoy her partner Dave Rawlings? He's been at or near the top of our household playlist for the last several months...love everything he's done! 
@beach2mtn, sorry just saw this.  Thanks, yes I like Dave Rawlings’ music too.  I’m grateful for his commitment to good sound.  
All of Iris Dement’s albums. I have a white label promo copy of her The Way I Should album, sent to radio stations only, never available on LP commercially. All her output has been on CD only, that alone necessitating and justifying ownership of a digital transport.
One I failed to mention is Fountains of Wayne "Welcome Interstate Managers" which is now available for pre-order on RealGoneMusic.
Going back to my 1st post Wish by The Cure is the only pressing that's alluded me. I have copies of the other 3 now.
I'm sure Wish will be a Record store release eventually.
Passing Ships by Andrew Hill was released last month,its a Tone Poet selection.