I will travell to New York, would be glad to meet members

Me and my wife will travell from Sweden to New York and visit my daughter who has moved there permanently. Her husband has got a job I New York and they live on Staten Island near the ferry.
We would love if any audigon  meber in NY will meet with us to listen to their fine set up and perhaps have dinner out with us. We will be there between 1 and 10 of may.
i am a retired lawyer and my wife still works as a meteorologist 
Is there any high end shops in New York worth visiting?

Stefan and Kerstin (my moniker is ulf)
Stockholm Sweden 

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Hi ULF I am available on May 6 a Saturday . I live in Manhattan on the lower east side . My wife and I would be happy to host you and your wife . I can pick you up at the ferry terminal as I live very close and have a car . PM me if you are interested .      
We would be happy to meet you May 6.
Did you get my PM?

Ulf ,sorry stray from your thread but I must say Whart you have made me hungry. Glad to read that your move to Texas is complete and I wish you and the family all the best.
Ulf if you find yourself in Midtown try tre colore on west 47th st.
Parking is directly across the street.
Fine Italian fare and service.
Enjoy your stay

Thanks for Italien food tip 
anyone have experience with the resurfaced Sounds by Singer?
Thanks to you and your wife for your great hospitality 
it was really fun to see and talk to you.
Also it was really interesting to hear your good sounding set up
maximased for your small listening room (included 4 subs)
We where also taken to your friend Als audio shop Brigth Audio
to listen to some really great equipment (including Kharma speakers and the astonishing MQA Brooklyn dac,cheap to at two grand)
 As I understand Brigth Audio is one of very few Manhattan shops that are still
in ground floor with windows at street level (no appointment needed)
Other shops have moved to upstairs fiats and often  available by appointment only