I will downsize my audio room.It will be 10'n ing

My new audio room is 10' by 14.5', cell is 9.5' high.
My integrated amp is VAC 160i with Esoteric X-05 Cd player.
My speaker is JmLab Micro Utopia be but I am planning to upgrade speaker. Some of them in my mind are; Avalon INDGRA, Magic V3, PMC fact 8, JmLab Scala Utopia or electra 1038be. Does anybody know how to determine the room size and speaker size.
I would think that room size will dictate listening distance to speakers which will be a factor in determining speaker size. Any idea how far the listening position will be away from where the speakers will be placed?
My secondary system is in a room that size. All of the speakers you listed would be inappropriate for the room. Maybe think about upgrading to Diablo's and adding a small sub.
Hi Kiwi2, I think the distance between speaker and the listening position is max. 8' because the entrance door is behind the sitting position.
See if you can narrow down to one that really appeals and then you must try it in your room. Look for a speaker that does not have a big bottom end or is adjustable in the bass. There are many factors including listening volume, music choice, and your tolerance to the modes in your room, so I would definitely not say it is impossible. I think it can work, but is risky without a trial.
The Magico V2 or Mini II would be more appropriate for that room than the V3, IMO. The V3 woofers are too far below the mid driver to integrate in such a small room.
What is the best way to creat a big sound stage even the size of the room is small (10' by 14.5'). Is Magico V3 or Utopia Scala too big in terms of the quality of sound.