I was told to put Kitty Litter in my new speaker stands. Was he joking?

I guess i realize he was NOT joking, but it seems strange. I've always heard sand was best. He told me to get unscented kitty litter and fill em all the way up. The stands are 29 inches with 4 columns (2x2). Monitors are 23 pounds each.

Anyone done this with a positive result?
Depends. Where did he tell you to put the kitty?

Kidding aside, kitty litter has been used since the beginnings of this hobby for those who couldn't afford lead shot or something better. Some even preferred it to sand.

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Ok I have to ask...which brand of kitty litter?

I use Dr. Elsey’s for the cat, but hopefully something cheaper will work for the stands?

Different brands will give different effects?

Sadly I am only half joking.
+5000 Tvad 
LOL 👏👏👏  
@funkbass, save Dr. E for da cat. ;)

As for different brands, here's a 'consumer research' project....👍😊 

You've got a ready 'recycling' for the brands that don't do the deed. ;)

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