I was told to put Kitty Litter in my new speaker stands. Was he joking?

I guess i realize he was NOT joking, but it seems strange. I've always heard sand was best. He told me to get unscented kitty litter and fill em all the way up. The stands are 29 inches with 4 columns (2x2). Monitors are 23 pounds each.

Anyone done this with a positive result?
Whether you use sand or kitty litter do not just pour it into the stand. Pour it into appropriately shaped thick plastic and seal it. Then you don't need to worry about leaks or moisture ingress.
The moisture absorption might be an issue.  I used lead weights (free from my local tire store) and added sand.

JUST AS IMPORTANT as the material is the level of fill.  I experimented with quarter, half and all the way filled.  Surprised at differences, settling on about 2/3.  Clearly, like everything else: try and experiment.
Renowned speaker designer Andrew Jones uses kitty litter in his stands at the audio shows. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me. I put lead shot in the bottom of mine, then filled them with kitty litter. Works great!
You can go to your hardware store to purchase a bag of sandblasting sand. You can get it in different sizes and it's nice and dry.