I was told I2S is a better signal from computer vs USB. assistance in how to

Hello I see a punk faun in Europe I2S bridge that plugs into computer slot , it looks like a hdmi  cable , and on back of terminator dac it has a hdmi type i2s 

where can I buy a bridge in the U.S that will take the place of  having to use Usb if I2s is indeed better , much appreciated with any help , Thank you.


Be careful, all I2S aren't wired the same and don't have same connectors. I2S was originally designed for inside components, allowing the designer to ensure matching. Whatever you're considering, please first check w/manufs that they'll be compatible. 

FWIW, I think Denafrips has a converter like you're describing. I'd ask Alvin. BTW, the new Terminator2 has 3 different I2S connections for this very reason. Cheers,


The Sonore Ultra Digital has the ability to match to virtually any DAC including Mola Mola, Denefrips, Holo Audio etc., click on the link.

The sonore Ultra Digital looks like a nice usb-to-i2s adapter that is configurable to support i2s on 6 different dacs.

I own a Pink Faun s/pdif card and it's excellent.  The Pink Faun i2s card can support many different dacs using either hdmi connection or RJ45.  The card has a "sub-board" that has the actual output configuration and socket.  What he does is select a customized sub-board for your particular dac that has the correct pin-configuration for the hdmi/rj45 socket (because all the dacs can have slightly different pin assignments for each wire).

@melm - here's the link:


Don't be concerned about ordering a bridge from Pink Faun in "Europe".  He uses good shipping companies.

One thing to note about Pink Faun cards is that they have a known issue with Intel processors when running Linux.  I've been told this issue does not really exist when running Windows, but I used an AMD processor motherboard when I built my last computer just to make sure. 

One more thing about i2s cables.  They need to be as short as possible (like 1-2 feet if possible) because the i2s architecture does not work well with long runs.

This is completely different with normal S/PDIF which require at least 1.5 meters to prevent signal reflections.