I was thinking the other day about all the audio stores that were around when I was a kid

I know we all grew up in different places so the experience shared here all will not relate to. Though I am sure there will be stories that some can relate to. I grew up,in Detroit Michigan and starting going to Audio stores at the ripe old age of 14 years old. Of course I didn't drive at the time so my father would take me. He loved music but wasn't really into audio equipment. Here are some of the stores I used to go to.

1. Tech hi-fi in Royal Oak
2. Audioland In Roseville
3. Audio Dimensions in birmingham
4. Absolute Sound in Royal Oak
5.Stereoland in Detroit

Of course there were other stores but my father would only take me so far. Everything was so new to me and fresh at the time it was really exciting. I still go to audiophile shows today and some audiophile meetings. And though I still enjoy it I had the most excitement when I was a kid.

Have you visited Audio Dimensions recently? Awesome place, haven't been for a few years...
taters, this one really hit a chord...  Way, way back when, growing up in upstate NY, I stumbled onto Stereo Sound in Schenectady (I was already driving so could go wherever).  They had phenomenal stuff and there was one sales guy there who was so knowledgeable and patient and eventually helped that kid buy Dynaco and then my Advents and then everything just grew from that.  Later (way after college) I moved to SE PA and there were several shops (the HiFi House chain, etc.) in the area.  I probably (no, definitely) spent way too much time and money in those places.  My ongoing acquisitions were cut back just a bit as all those places have eventually closed.  There are still a few alternatives in the area but to me they're nothing like those original shops - those are sorely missed.

I have not lived in Michigan for 30 years. I am glad they are still in business. I still remember going into the store and seeing names like Audio Research, Mark Levinson and Quad. That way my first really high-end experience and I will never forget it.


I live in Southern California now and there are still a lot of brick and mortar stores. I rarely frequent them because I don't buy new audio gear nowadays. If I purchase something it is on this website. Luckily I haven't had a problem so far.