I was Tempted

I see that a new vinyl issue of Eva Cassidy's best came out at an almost $50 price tag. Well, I am not biting. I have all of Eva's cd's and I am a great fan of this dear soul who left us at an early age. The 'best' issue is available for $12 on CD. I am a great vinyl collector, and I do have many vinyl issues of things I have on CD/SACD and R2R. I just don't think I will 'hear' any significant additional $38 difference on the vinyl. Have you heard the difference?
I quit buying new vinyl issues period. They're just overoverpriced with no performance improvement in vast majority of cases. The pressings are often mismanufactured as well. I had a case when record shop refused to refund me an opened vinyl. They've claimed that I warped it myself(new issue of Can "Peel Sessions"). So the brand new vinyl rumbles the needle ad warped to the point of skipping. The sound is DULL.
I'm looking at $42.99 for 2 LP's & a CD at Music Direct. That sounds interesting to me. I really enjoy Eva, and that price doesn't seem outrageous compared to some of the prices I've seen.
I just love Eva Cassidy's voice and I too have all of her CD's. That being said, I really don't find the mix between Eva and the 'band' all that flattering to her role. I find the instrument accompaniment to be too forward and this takes away from her vocal contribution. Unless the original sessions were taped in a manner which would allow a re-mix when remastered I doubt that I would appreciate any benefit which might be achieved on vinyl or SACD.

I think it should be accepted as such. A bunch of amatures trying to break into the industry and unfortunately failing. They never got the experts they needed to help them record and market this great voice. It is graphic documentation of an indutry failure.

IMHO, others may think otherwise I'm sure.
I have been buying a lot of new and reissued vinyl in thee past six months.
So far out if 170 albums bought I only had one small issue and kept that item.
Most of the albums i collected have been between $15 and $24.
There ARE some way overpriced albums but most off them are totally within the same price range as back in the 1960's considering inflation.

If you want cheap music buy used CDs. Dirt cheap. Or just 'free' download the music off the net'.