I want to use the Tidal music service but my dac

only has a coax input...no USB. I don't want to spend additional money on a USB to coax converter like the Offramp etc...

Is the coax output on the Auralic Aries as good as the USB? I assume the Aries is a great option? Any better options for Tidal music? Looking for great sound quality and ease of use. Like to use my iPad as the remote controller. I see another product from Aurender, but it does not seem to have a coax out? Not well versed on this particular subject as I still spin CDs and really have no interest in ripping my collection, downloads etc... Just interested in Tidal at this point.
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M2tech usb to spdif converter. use the Roon Labs software to integrate Tidal with your music collection on your computer. Sit back and enjoy. Stop overcomplicating this stuff and then enjoy the music.

Above will do what you want

Good Listening

I get great sound from Wyred 4 Sound modified Sonos Connect, and great user interface.
I don't want to use a computer and don't have one for this application. I need a less complicated, one box solution. I want to avoid a converter also if possible.

Thanks Agoners.
Peter, the converter you listed is very inexpensive and while I wanted to stay away from one the price makes it a possible consideration. I wonder how it compares to an Offramp and other much more costly ones.
I need a less complicated, one box solution.
Grannyring, The Antipodes DX I am using is an outstanding sounding one-box solution that is extremely easy to operate. Once you start ripping your CD library by simply putting the disc in the slot at the front, you will shortly give up your CD player. Everything can be operated from your iPad or computer. The newer models have SPDIF outputs but USB is still their best sounding output. I would simply purchase the converter suggested above by Peter, or an off-ramp, to use with your Yamamoto DAC.

At a lower price point, I would look at their new upgraded DS model, which can be configured with up to 4TB of internal HDD storage, or can play from a NAS or external hard drive, or can stream from Tidal and others. Reviews of the previous DS model all say it beats the mini and my DX does for sure.Antipodes Home Page

The new Aurender N100 that streams or plays from a NAS also looks promising.
Thank you Mitch2 for the post. I bet the unit is awesome! I unfortunately cannot spend that kind of money and am looking at spending up to perhaps $2500 tops. I like $1000 - $1500 even more!

I won't rip CDs as I just don't want to go there at all. I really just want to listen to Tidal and I don't have a computer to use other than my iPad.

I do have a bunch of music already on an external hard drive back when I dove deeply into this sort of thing. I could play off it, but don't want to purchase downloads or rip anymore CDs in the future. It is just not for me.
Hi Grannyring
Maybe the Sim Audio Mind music streamer? I have not heard it. But I do like all the Sim Audio stuff I have heard.
Grannyring what DAC are you using? I'm sending the signal via coax from my Sonos Connect to a Yamamoto YDA-1 and through it Tidal sounds fantastic, to my ears at least. The Connect will run about $350 the there are certainly some upgrade options out there via company's like Wyred though I run mine stock at the moment.
Same dac as you! Yamamoto.....interesting and I will look into it. Thanks a bunch.
Cool it may not be the most audiophile solution but it's easy and the interface is good and you can control it from your ipad or even your phone. Good luck!
I was running Sonos Connect through Aesthetix Romulus, and highly recommend the Wyred upgrade.
JJ35 I was looking at the Wyred Remedy reclocker device after reading on Wyred's website that their Connect upgrade might lead to a weaker wifi signal and the signal hear in downtown DC is a bit dodgy at times. Got an email back from Troy at Wyred saying the Remedy would duplicate the upgrade but with no wifi signal loss. Just FYI and sorry to hijack your thread Grannyring!
When I spoke to Wyred they said if I was only using the Connect that the internal upgrade would sound better, and to only purchase the external reclocker if I was going to use it on other units. I have had no issues with wifi signals, which are not particularly good here either.
HI Grannyring,

Since you want to avoid a computer and enjoy streaming
TIDAL, you are definitely on the right track with the
Auralic Aries, Aries LE or Aries Mini. $1500, $1000, $500.

Of course they are capable of much more and at some point
can and possibly will explore and take advantage of them.

I am simply amazed at the sound quality of TIDAL through my
system. IMO it's better than any disc player I've ever had.

There will be a bit of a learning curve, though a good
dealer will help keep frustrations to a minimum.

Yes, I am a pleased Aries user and I recommend it highly.
BEST thing is: The sound quality is BETTER than using a
computer - by a long ways.
BTW this thread got me considering my Sonos and wifi situation and looking on Sonos' website I found they have a product called Boost which is a much more robust wireless networking product than the original Bridge I'm using. Sonos says that should fix dropouts in dodgy wifi spots. At $99 its my next "upgrade". Anyway Grannyring very curious to hear your impressions of Tidal through a Yammy DAC so please do update this thread. Cheers!
I use a bluesound pod ...sounds great for the money..no kidding!
The Bluesound node 2 mught be a good choice if not wanting to spend too much just for tidal streaming.

I have a sonos to start and like streaming spotify and tidal soley which lead me to a wyred upgrade and reclocker into an esoteric player.

Had purchased and Aries and sold it, preferred the moddd sonos.

You might want to seriously consider the n100, seems to beat the cheaper lumins and aries significantly.

The Aurender has a usb to spdif add on, but likewise dont want to spend extra on an external converter and their N10 and W20 is way expensive.

Fwiw, the modded Sonos streaming tidal with nice coax is almost on a level playing field with the newer releases streaming from tidal as compared to rbcd.

The bluesound node2 is reportedly sonically better than a sonos connect but there are no comparisions with it against a modded sonos.

The Naim streamers have tidal now and are about or slightly more than the n100 aurenders.