I want to upgrade the amp section in my B&K 307...

...using a separate amp.I've narrowed my choice down to 2 amps, since I am only using a 5 channel setup I only want a 5 channel amp.I am hoping for an upgrade to what B&K has put in the 307 receiver.
here are my choices !

#1)B&K 7250 {I've people say that the B&K amps sound a bit too bright ?}

#2)Parasound 2205-AT not sure what to expect with the B&K-Parasound combo ?,would I be able to use the auto turn-on feature of the 2205 ?

my system,
B&K AVR-307 {receiver}
PSB-Stratus silver i's...{main}
PSB-Stratus minis........{rear}
PSB-Stratus C-5..........{center}
Paradigm Servo-15........{sub}
Sony scd-555es...........{Multi sacd player}
Panasonic RP-91..........{DVD/DVD-audio}
I have the B&K 307, as well as the B&K 220M monoblock: I don't think you'll hear the difference between the 307 and the 7250.

Also, the normal rap on B&K amps is that they're not as strong as an equivalent Krell or Bryston (both of which have very conservative ratings; the normal line is the B&K amps are more tube-like than the higher-end solid states.

My recommendation for an upgrade, if you need it, is the Powerpac 250 Brystons: you can position these behind the speakers, minimizing the amplified signal (lower cost, better sound).
I have a B&K 3090 processor & I just sold my Parasound 1206.
I'm using a 7250II right now that I borrowed from my dealer.
It's definitely not bright, more like too laid back. My dealer says soft recovery diodes & some better internal wire will make it better..
I also borrowed a Bryston 9B ST THX Ultra 5 channel amp from the same dealer. I had to give it up to his installer, he had it 1 day & bought it to go with his B&K Ref 30.
It is the BEST video amp I've heard for the money. Don't be fooled by the 120 WPC rating. I could not get it to clip!
Buy or rent "Dusk to Dawn" & watch Selma Hayek's snake dance in chapter 14, you'll see how detailed & dynamic the Bryston is...