I want to upgrade my TT for about $2K.

I am finally upgrading my TT and have about $2K to put towards it.
My first choice is the Teres model 150 with the battery power option. I have an RB300 and am picking up the Incognito rewire for it anticipating that I will get the Teres.
My friend however thinks I should look around for other used options for the $2K.

Any other ideas?

Associated gear:
Audiomat Arpege
Audiomat Phono 1
Shelter 501 mkII
Reference 3a MM deCapo i's

I'm a very happy Teres owner, but you might also consider a Nottingham Spacedeck in that range, assuming a Rega can be easily fitted to it. Someone here or on VA will know.

If you can find $2250 the Teres 160 is a big step up from the 150.
You should also give serious consideration to the VPI Scoutmaster, which has a retail price of $2400. The Scoutmaster's tonearm (the JMW 9), which is included in the price, is far superior to the Rega RB300. While I certainly have a high regard for the Nottingham Spacedeck, I still think the Scoutmaster represents a better value.
What about the VPI Aries?
I mean in comparison to the Scoutmaster.
I think Doug's recommendation for a Spacedeck is right on. Go the the Audiophile Systems website and click on "Where To Buy", then click on "Nearly Perfect Sale", and scroll down to the Nottingham section. You will find that you can buy a Spacedeck/Ace-Space combo for $2399.20. The new Ace-Space is a nice step above the orignal Space arm, which was already worlds better than a Rega RB300. My advice is to snatch up that rig and sell your Rega. You won't be disappointed.

FWIW, I didn't like the sound of the Nottingham when I auditioned it. Too lightweight for me. Could have been the phono stage or cartridge or whatever, but I settled on a fully decked out used Linn LP-12. I have almost 4K into it now (but that includes new cartridge, T-Kable, Mana stand, etc), but you can get into a Linn for under 2K and upgrade.
Oracle Delphi IV or V would fit the bill, often overlooked but one heckuva turntable IMHO.
rega p5 and p7 are very nice turntables around that price point...sheu has several models, too, in that range factory direct from Germany

a SOTA refurbished table, several models, in that price range