I want to upgrade from Polk rti28's

I have to keep my budget under $800. I really like the polks...but they seem to strain in the high end (some harshness as well). Bass is fine (I also have sub). I'm going to listen to PSB, B&W 6 series and Paradigm speakers locally. No one close to where I live carries Monitor, Epos or Totem. I rather purchase new speakers. I want to upgrade and not crossgrade. I don not like the sound of Klipsch, too crisp and very fatiguing IMO. Alos I don not like Big Box retail speakers (low end Polks, Infinity, Cerwin Vega's etc). I thought about Polk LSi's...but I need 4 ohm capable amp (I have Elite receiver). Am I missing anything by not listening to Epos, Monitor or Totem? I could take a chance and order from a dealer with replacement policy. I do like the "house" sound of Polk since I have had them for 6 years.
Also, I may consider POLK Rti A3. Again, no local audio stores carry anything in the RTi or higher Polk offerings.
I would consider Polk's LSi's, they're made for music unlike the RTi series.
agree with the lsi's
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Polk Audio LSi-7's or Paradigm Studio 20's should fit the bill nicely. They sound quite different from one another, with the LSi's being a tad more refined and warm, whereas the Paradigms are more open, dynamic, and lively. Both are great speakers, can be had within your budget, and will run fine off of an Elite receiver.
Just as a relatively cheap experiment, consider modding the crossovers to improve the sound of your rti28's. Dennis Murphy, a well regarded crossover designer and musician has an article on doing this inexpensively (http://murphyblaster.com/content.php?f=RTi28.html).

I've got the parts and will try it on my spare rti28's.
Nice link Gb.

You can always use a little more resistance in the HF circuit to tone things down.