I want to try to sell a pair of german physiks.

I work for an a/v company and was recently given a pair of german physiks speakers. i believe they are borderland mk i. the tweeter portion of the speakers are damaged from the previous owners kids finger poking. any advice will help. thank you.
Before sending them back to Germany for repairs, you might want to contact:


They know the DDD drivers quite well.
My apologies, I should have been more specific. I am more interested in trying to sell them. I dont have the income to repair or power speakers of this magnitude. Im looking to see if someone thinks trying to sell these is worth the effort.
Macromike, I work for German Physiks.

I am assuming you are in the US. We have a US distributor, Laufer Teknik and you will find their contact details on their web site at http://www.lauferteknik.com/. I would suggest you email their Sam Laufer.

If the problem is just the driver on the top (the DDD driver), then this can be replaced without the need to ship the whole speaker. The driver itself is secured to the cabinet with 6 hex-head screws and the cable from the crossover plugs into banana sockets under the driver mounting place, so no soldering is required.

Replacing the driver is a simple process and takes about 10 minutes. Due to the fragile nature of the titanium diaphragm this must be done with care as you don't want to put a dent in the new driver's diaphragm, but this just means reading the instructions that come with the new driver and familiarising yourself with the steps involved before you start.

If you need more information on what is involved please drop us a line via the contact page on our web site at http://www.german-physiks.com/contact.html.