I want to thank Audiogon for all the help given.

I want to thank Audiogon for all the help I've received on their forums. It goes without saying(since I've read, but not acknowledged, all responses directed towards me) that many thanks go out to all the experienced audiophiles and their advice. I found out about, and bought, Signal Cable Silver Resolutions(thanks Plato), Nuforce, Mapleshade, Oritek Audio, and APL Hi-FI. Other products of interest include Speltz Anti-Cables(thanks Jp1208). I found out about Volex 17604 power cords(thanks TVAD). I was also able to audition at Nuforce, Oritek Audio, and APL. I was able to audition Meitner Signature, Audio Research Ref3, Valhalla,Wilson Alexandria's, and the best acoustics I've ever heard(thanks Oneobgyn). I learned that digital can provide music(which was a suprise to me).Audiogon has also provided many diverse opinions on things. The magazines can't provide this. Thank you!
What a very nice post. Thank you.

That was a great post and one I would like to chime in on. In addition to all the help with equipment I have found Audiogon a great forum to promote new friends. I met several local audiphiles and even some across the country that I have become friends with all because of Audiogon.

I met a great friend of mine a year ago when he responded to an ad for some tubes I was selling. Sometimes you just never know where a new friend will turn up.

Thanks to all.