I want to stream Tidal to Mytek Brooklyn DAC ...

I've been streaming music from Tidal through a Sonos Connect that's hooked into my main rig -- Sonos to DAC to preamp, etc. --  but I'm looking to improve the sound. I'm interested in MQA, when available, but will be plenty happy to stream non-MQA files from Tidal, too. If I get a Mytek Brooklyn DAC, which I'm close to pulling the trigger on, what streamer would fit the bill? From what I've read, it would seem that a Bluesound Node 2 might do the job. Are there others -- better options? -- that I should be considering?

As my router is a fairly long distance from my stereo, I'd very much prefer wireless solutions, though I'd suppose I could find a way to run a fairly long ethernet cable -- down into the basement, etc. -- all the way to the router, if that's the only viable solution.

That said, when a wired connection is necessary, would  plugging the streamer into an Airport -- Extreme or Express -- on the network effectively fool the streamer into thinking it was wired to the router?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide an old-timer on this front.

-- Howard


There are several threads here on streamers under $3K. Personally, if you're thinking of Mytek Brooklyn DAC which is a very nice choice, I would wholeheartedly recommend Aurender N100H. 

In regards to Ethernet, unfortunately streamers requires 'wired' connection for stable streaming. I was in same quandary couple of years ago. My router is 50ft away on another floor. After trying few solutions from Netgear (Ethernet over powerlines, wireless ports) which did not worked out well as I experienced intermittent dropouts and repeated resets. I decided to try out the Apple AirPort Extreme and have not had single issue with streaming in over 2 years. 

It's a expensive solution at $400 as you would need a pair, one hard wired to your router and the other one to your streamer. I am sure others can chime in here and share their experiences on streamers and Ethernet connectivity. 

Good luck!
Hi Howard,  My router is also very far away from my Aurender N10 music Server. As lalitk mentions above, any music sever requires a wired connection to the router to work. 

I also tried using an Ethernet over Power connection but also experienced similar dropped signals and related problems.  I do NOT recommend an Ethernet over Power solution.  

I hired someone to help me install an Ethernet wired connection to my Apple Airport Extreme Router.  Since the Aurender iPad app needs a wireless connection, I also purchased an Apple AirPort Extender so the iPad app can be connected.   Setup was very easy and it worked the first time.

Tidal Streaming works great on my Aurender and so does the Aurender iPad App.  I have had no problems using the long Ethernet connection.   Does this help?
My router is on my first floor. I connect via WiFi to a Macbook Pro on the second floor. From the mac I use a USB connection to my Dac. I stream Tidal with no problems. Like MQA a lot. When I had a Microsoft based laptop I had lots of problems. All solved with the Mac
Howard - I am using the combo you mentioned (Bluesound Node 2 with Mytek Brooklyn DAC) and I am blown away by the sound.  Both companies have recently updated their firmware to allow 2 different Tidal MQA streaming options as well.  My wireless access point is about 35 feet away from my Node 2 and I have had no dropouts while streaming Tidal MQA content.  Hope this helps!
Thanks, Meinhard -- this is exactly what I'd been hoping to hear. Thanks to the previous posters, too.
-- Howard

Is the node 2 with Mytek the prefered setup?  I am in the same boat.  I just what to stream Tidal with MQA without a computer using WiFi.  I believe my signal strength and download speed should be more than adequate based on my analysis tools
Wifi can be good, but depends on your environment. Apartments are often congested. If you have 5 GHz Wifi it's a little better. I lived in a building and the ONLY way to get reliable Netflix for most people was wired.

I strongly encourage you to check out some of the great Wi-Fi apps out there, including Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android. It will help you discover your local situation, as well as help pick unused WiFi channels.

In addition, the quality of wi-fi routers is still in the 21st century, pretty iffy. They overheat and reset often.

I like TP-Link for reliability in that respect.


I'm also thinking about purchasing the Brooklyn.  My iMac is in the same room as my music system, and I can run a usb from Mac to Brooklyn.  The Mac is using wifi which the router is in the next room.

I've been using Audirvana (with iPad app as remote) to stream Tidal HIFI right now, without a single issue.  Just wanted to confirm with everyone that I would be able to stream MQA wirelessly as well.  I don't see how it would be any different, but maybe I'm missing something.
I connected a wireless access point (WAP) to my main router using a short ethernet cable.  The Node 2 is the only device on the new WAP.  The wifi performance is much better now. 
The best way to improve sound quality, if you are happy with your Node, is to add an external DAC.  There are many choices in the $500 range.  I'm using a Node 2 with a PS Audio Link 3.