i want to send my Oppo 105 to Mod Wright for an upgrade.

I was looking for a new SACD player and a lot of you in other threads kept mentioning how great a Oppo 95 or 105 was with the upgrade.  is one better than the other?
Modwright is a awesome company and I would send it to them without reservation.
I have a Modwright 205 and I couldn't be happier with it. Dan and his Team do a fantastic job with our Oppos and with customer support. 

Tweak Audio Ric Schultz is another option. What he has done with the newest IcePower class D modules is nothing short of fantastic

No doubt that Modwright will make your Oppo sound very good.  But it's expensive, and putting new money into an older disk-playing machine would be questionable IMO.  There are far better SQ options for spending $2500+ IMO.